Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Hypocracy of the Draw Muhammad Event

"The host of the Texas "Draw Muhammad" contest that ended with police killing two armed gunman outside called for more, similar events as a defense of free speech." 

I think she is a trouble maker. I think she knows that her actions could cause trouble. I do not condone the actions of the gunmen who were killed during the "Draw Mohammed" event. I think it is insane to kill people over drawings of a dead man, and they got what they bought into. Still one doesn't get into a psychopaths face and insult him, then complain about your "freedom of speech" being violated when they do some kind of psychopathic response to the provocation. They got what they bought into.

Like yesterday, I was wearing my Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt downtown when a young fellow said to me, "Nice t-shirt." to which I replied "Thank you". He then said "Lynyrd Skynyrd fucking sucks!" There can be only one reason he said it. He was trying to provoke me. I didn't let his comment bother me. I remember laughing to myself thinking "I bet his opinion matters to a lot of people, NOT". Had I been another person, one prone to violence, I might of lashed out at him. Get the picture?

Speaking of pictures. I wonder if the trouble makers, purposefully provoking psychopathic believers in myth would defend the freedom of speech of artist Leon Ferrari's "The Virgin Mary in a blender" or "Saints in a frying pan"?

"The Argentine artist Leon Ferrari was perhaps best known for his seemingly blasphemous works. The Virgin Mary in a blender? Check. Saints in a frying pan? He did that too. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a man we now know as Pope Francis, demanded that a 2004 retrospective in Buenos Aires featuring Ferrari’s work be closed immediately, saying it represented a “blasphemous affront.” A judge agreed, but not before a group of Christians could destroy several works. A different judge later overturned the decision to close the exhibit, citing the importance of free expression in his ruling."

12 “blasphemous” artworks censored or vandalized by angry believers 

Maybe it is another misguided attempt by Ultra-Right Christians to bring about their Humanity ending Apocalyptic vision, by goading on people so they can provoke a holy war.