Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sander's No. 1 Obstacle May be Name Recognition

Bernie Sanders Gains Momentum, However, Hillary Clinton Still Dominates
"Sanders’ No. 1 obstacle may just be name recognition, half of those who were polled did not know enough of the Senator from Vermont."

This is why it is extremely important to get the word out there. We must tell everyone we know, and everyone we meet about Bernie Sanders For President 2016. Even if it is a passing, "Hey, have you ever heard of Bernie Sanders? He is running for president. I like what he is saying." then leave it at that. They will do the rest when they look up Bernie, and tell their friends. Snow ball rolling down hill! We're getting bigger. We Will Win!

Bernie Sanders for President 2016, We Will Win! Song

I talked to some folks while I was out. I am riding the city bus system nowdays. That gives me plenty of a chance to talk to people. Every time I met someone new I asked them if they ever heard of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. The results were mixed. A couple said they have heard of him, and they support him. A few said they never heard of him, so I said a few words of support hoping they go find out more. I always ended it with telling them about videos on Youtube, and the Facebook groups. A few of the people said they don't vote. When I asked them why they said it doesn't matter because all politicians are crooks.

I think that besides name recognition, getting the people to accept that Bernie Sanders is the first truly honest candidate we've had in a long time, if ever, is going to be a challenge. I really don't blame them for being cynical. For a very long time the tribal knowledge said all politicians are crooks. I know that I have had the attitude of picking the lessor of two evils for many years. I know a lot of you feel the same way. I also see opportunity too!

I might think there is a huge untapped voting block out there. One which if only we can convince them that Bernie Sanders is true, and not a crook like the rest of them. Not a bought politician who only cares about their own self, we can have even more loyal voters going to the polls voting for our man.

So without becoming argumentative because that only causes them to throw up walls and become defensive, I would tell them I understand where they are coming from. I explained how I too believe they are a bunch of crooks, until now. I told them I think one has finally stood out to me who I really don't think is a crook, and encouraged them to give Bernie a look see.

I think a lot of the voter apathy is the Republican parties fault. Never have I seen a bigger bunch of crooks. I'm not letting the democratic party off the hook either. They've done plenty to cause this perception of the "crooked politician". It is part of the American lexicon. So we have our work cut out for us big time.

James Parks Jr

New Mexico for Bernie Sanders President 2016