Thursday, January 22, 2015

Smart People Believe Dumb Things: Climate Change Deniers

Here's something that disturbs me. Elon Musk is no dummy. Cofounder of Paypal, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, chairman of SolarCity he is one of the smartest guys around. He warns about human made climate change because he is an intelligent person, and takes heed of the scientific data.

Then you get a bunch of Rush Limbaugh followers, who otherwise seem like intelligent persons saying all of it is a hoax. People who seem to have more than half a brain chiming in with the same old denier false bunk. I am really having a hard time understanding why they keep it up with the climate change hoax mantra. Not the people in charge, mind you. I know why they would deny human made climate change. They are making money off the denial. It is the other people who stand to gain nothing but misery from climate change denial. It is as if they take science and throw it all out the window on the word of shysters. I wonder their motives. They personally have nothing to gain from claiming climate change is a hoax, but have everything to lose if they are wrong.

Is it because they are Christians and believe God wouldn't allow such a thing? Are they scientists and have found proof of a hoax? Could they be getting pay-offs from big oil to say climate change is a hoax? Well I just don't know. I just hope they all come around to the facts before the damage is done. I guess damage has already been done, so I'll just say before it gets any worse.