Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charlie Hebdo is French World Trade Center: Enough is Enough

You know that movie "Independence Day"? I was watching it on TV when they showed a view of the New York skyline. Featured in the scene was the World Trade Center Twin Towers. When I seen it, I automatically said to myself, "They are gone. You motherf***ers.", (National Traumatic Stress Syndrome?) referring to the terrorists. Then it hit me.

Every time I see a movie with the WTC towers in it, I say the same thing. I guess it got burned into my mind when I sat there that fateful morning watching as the events unfolded. Now the people of France may have such a memory every time they pass by or see Charlie Hebdo. That makes me sad for the French people.

It makes me further enraged at the extremists, fascist murders. It is bad enough I have such bad memories burned into my psyche, let alone it being further perpetrated upon others. I want forceful action taken to wipe these creeps off the face of our planet. Enough is enough.

I was an aircraft mechanic at the time of 9/11. Every aircraft in the United States was grounded. I lost my job 3 days later. It took 6 months before things recovered enough before I found another aircraft contract. My damages were small compared to some. Very small indeed. The thing is, how much are we going to allow ourselves to suffer these jerks? Full scale invasion and eradication of ISIS and Boko Haram, AlQueda on a scale not seen since WWII would suite me fine.

They want to make themselves a terror unto us? They don't know the meaning of the word terror. We haven't unleashed the dogs of war. Not even close. We have the means to unleash true terror, and we should be that to our enemies.

They act with impunity. They should tremble with fear at free people's might and rage over tyranny.

I sat there watching the news from start to finish. I seen the tower fall unexpectedly behind the lady news reporter. I seen the bodies fall live on the TV. NO MORE DAMN IT. All these pin prick bombings will never kill all them creeps. We have to do to them as we did to the Nazis. Wipe them out from top to bottom, building to building. Root them out and kill them all with extreme prejudiced, every last one.