Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Marijuana: to Carry on This Farce is ludicrous

I've been watching this TV Show called "Weed Country". They show different aspects of the marijuana question from actual persons involved point of view. Of course they sensationalize everything to make it as interesting as possible. Some times a bit misleading.

Once there were cops going on a raid. The scene kept switching back and forth. Focusing on the cops sneaking up on the farm, then to the grower's dog barking at something and the grower looking out his window with a worried face. By the time they got to the climax you find they weren't going after the guy with the barking dog at all. The cops found the grow they were sneaking up on. The dog was only barking at the grower's neighbor. I thought that was misleading.

I can't help to think the fact that marijuana is illegal anywhere is pure hypocrisy and overbearing government intrusion into persons private business. There will be some grower peacefully growing a crop, then armed thugs start casing the joint. People in army gear sneaking around with machine guns! Really I'm shocked! People sitting around smoking weed or growing weed are not a threat to anybody. The only time there is a danger to the public is when guns get into hands, and people come to threaten with violence. That is the way the government, which was created to serve us, regard us. They choose to barge into our private lives, and threaten, and to confine us, and for what? For a big fat lie!

We all know that reefer madness crap is nothing but lies. We all know the score! Why the government wishes to carry on this farce is ludicrous. Go ahead and buy a gallon of vodka and kill yourself, or smoke tobacco until your lungs look like a tar pit, but don't you dare smoke any pot or "We'll throw your ass in jail and find the crap out of you". Give me a damn break, get the f*** out of here. In my way of thinking, that shows we live on the Bazarro World. I love Democracy, but I don't like the way some of my fellows have used it as a tool to oppress. That's what happens sometimes. With Democracy you can get your civil rights voted right away from you. That's what has happened with cannabis. Humans with good intentions doing the wrong thing.

I support Indiana's SB-284 that will make legal for the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons. I will not rest until cannabis is legal for recreational purposes too! That will only be a matter of time. The people on capitol hill see all that money. Right now we're spending a hell of a lot of money on marijuana interdiction. The marijuana is still around, always has been and it always will be. The government can make it illegal all they want, but that don't matter because they'll never stop all marijuana consumption. Our government may as well make a profit off it instead. When I see Colorado rake in $60 million in taxes that gets my attention. I could see that money going to schools, or some other worthy program. The state and federal government bitch about can't do this or that because they don't have enough money. Okay then, here is a whole butt load of money. Make legal, and tax MARIJUANA you people.

Sorry, I get carried away some times, but the stupidity of the whole thing just peeves me. Let's get this thing done. Let's make cannabis legal again.