Thursday, January 22, 2015

Climate Change Deniers Have been Fooled

I've been seeing a lot of stuff on Facebook claiming that human climate change is not real, or is a hoax. Ever since the State of the Union speech the climate change deniers have been more active. I am going to post a series showing that human climate change is real, and that the deniers have been lied to.

This first post shows glacier retreat in Glacier National Park. I think it is hard for many persons to relate because they haven't seen these things with their own eyes, or maybe never seen this stuff at all. Even though I haven't personally been to all of these places, I'v been to some of them. So I am able to relate because of real images I've seen with my own eyes.

Follow the link to see 36 side by side photos of retreating glaciers. These pictures span the time frame of late 1800's to early 2000's. Yes, I have been to Glacier National park.

Glacier National Park Thunderbird Glacier

Last thing I would like to relate here today is something someone told me. It was said to me several times by several persons. You may have heard it yourself. Concerning God, "I would rather go through life believing in God than not believe and die to find out there is one." I think the same logic could be applied to human caused global climate change. If we don't believe climate change is real, and don't do anything about it, we humans will suffer greatly. "I would rather go through life believing in climate change, than to not believe and find out later it is real."

I don't really go by such logic. I believe if the evidence is overwhelming, and it is. Greater than 90% of the science experts agree, human made climate change is real, and if we don't stop it there will be trouble.