Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Massacre Shows Logic and Reason Must Rule

Logic and reason must rule in the end. Feelings being hurt because of something said, or disagreement of thought is not good reason to do violence against persons. People doing violence in reaction to those things are displaying some of the most primitive human behaviors. It is illogical to act in such a manner, and does not promote the advancement of human kind. Anything that does not promote the advancement, happiness or well being of humans and their environment is immoral.

Freedom of thought and speech must be protected. Those two things are basic to the advancement of humanity. If humans did not tolerate free thought and speech, we would still be worshiping Baal, or any number of the thousands of gods humans have invented. We might even still be living in the harsh environment of our pre-technological past.

It seems like every time anything like this comes up, some people will try to blame all Islam for the actions of a few. Sometimes people who follow Islam will try to use the attitude of hateful Christians as an excuse for their own violence or to justify heinous acts. There are intolerant, primitive mind sets on both sides of the isle. Let me give you an example.

In Texas there was a school board who tried to get creationist text books into the biology class claiming they were an alternative theory to evolution. They call it "Intelligent Design". There was opposition to this because it was clear that it was a repackaging of Christian creation theology. Because of that opposition, some persons sent death threats to teachers and school board members warning them to not oppose the teaching of "Intelligent Design".

This is the very same kind of mind set displayed by the persons who attacked Charlie Hebdo, and killed persons expressing their free thought. It is the very same mind set and tactic used by groups like ISIS, or the KKK, the Spanish Inquisition or any other enemies of free will, and expression.

As an atheist, I find it refreshing to know that there are people of faith who are willing to live side by side, and peacefully with people who don't share their beliefs. I really do think the protectors of free thought, regardless of the religion they hold, do out number the oppressors. If that were not true we would still be worshiping the gods of 10,000 years ago. Christianity or Islam would not exist today without that most basic freedom.