Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pakistan Cleric Holds Funerals for the Criminal Kouachi Brothers

This morning I found this article posted on the NBC News web site. To my understanding it shows the utter failure of Islamic extremist ideology. What it does not show me is why the persons who embrace such a hate filled ideology refuse to recognize the failure, and in the face of such failure why they would continue to support it.

I'm going to go point by point.

"Today we feel so proud to attend the funeral of our brothers," said cleric Allama Pir Mohammad Chishti after leading the funeral in absentia in the city of Peshawar. "They are heroes of Islam. They laid down their lives but eliminated those published caricatures of our Prophet Muhammad."

First thought here is that they eliminated nothing of the sort! What they did eliminate was the lives of 12 nonviolent persons, and their own lives. They all died for nothing. They died in vain. The proof is that Charlie Hebdo continues to function as a business, and continues to exercise free speech by publishing cartoons of Muhammad. If anything they served to solidify the resistance against such barbaric acts of mayhem. They brought Muslim, Jew, Christian and Atheist together in solidarity, by the thousands, all across the world. All of them shouting "We are Charlie Hebdo".

"The ceremony was delayed by about an hour and attended by only around 40 people despite many entreaties via loudspeaker."

"Mohammad Rasheed Ahmad, a student at the madrassa, said he was disappointed so few came out to honor the Kouachis."

"We saw tens of thousands of people gathered in France to show solidarity with their slain men, but Muslims didn't come to take part in the funeral of the two heroes who did this great job," he said.

"Pakistanis are often the victims of religious extremism, with more than 50,000 dying in bomb explosions and suicide attacks since 2002."

Get a clue! Read the writing on the wall. If tens of thousands of people march in condemnation of murderous acts, and only 40 people rally behind the murderers, I think that sends a pretty strong message. It sends the message that the acts of violence perpetrated by the murderers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi was not acceptable. It sends a message that their heinous acts were not a "great job". It says that they are not heroes. They are only dead murders who have damaged the reputation of the religion of Islam. Deservedly or not, the fact remains that Muslims around the world will suffer unjustly for the actions of these two fools.

Mr. Mohammad Rasheed Ahmad should reflect and not be disappointed in the turnout for his farce funeral. He, and any other person who supports repressive barbarism should be disappointed in themselves for not realizing they are supporting a primitive mind set. A mind set with roots in humanities remote past. They support an archaic line of thought that is fading from our world, and if they do not keep up they will fade with it.

With 50,000 Pakistanis dying because of misguided zeal in a failed philosophy, no wonder only 40 people showed up for your idiotic funeral for dead criminals. I think Muslims around the world and in Pakistan would rather not die in bomb attacks, or have their reputation tarnished by repressive tactics of power mongers like Mr. Mohammad Rasheed Ahmad.