Wednesday, January 7, 2015

100 Trillion Light Years Away a Duplicate Earth a Duplicate Life

One of my Facebook friends posted this, and it brought back a memory of something I hadn't thought of for quite some time. It is funny that statement. I had said that before in a thought experiment. It is the possibility of an afterlife of sorts. It is based in science, believe it or not. Here how it goes.

Okay, There is a spooky interaction between particles that has been observed. I use the word spooky because Einstein called it that. Scientists have made quantum connections between photons giving two the same spin. When one photon is effected the other one reacts in the same manner as the one who has this spooky connection. This is entirely independent of distance between the two. They could be one foot, or one light year, or a billion light years apart, give one a left spin, and the other will take on the same trait immediately. Information seemingly going faster than the speed of light. That's why Einstein called it spooky. The scientific community calls it "Quantum Entanglement".

Anyway, it has been theorized that for every particle in the universe there is a quantum connection with a duplicate, somewhere. Because of that duplicate, it has also been theorized that this trait could cause whole duplicate objects on a macroscopic scale. Like for instance an entire duplicate Earth. Now because of random chance, and the fact that if something is possible in the universe, given enough time, that something will happen. Also because the universe is infinite, if you travel say 100 trillion light years away you might find a duplicate Earth. One with a duplicate me, and a duplicate you, and all the rest.

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field

Now to travel 100 trillion light years away even at the speed of light would take far longer than the universe has even been in existence. We could never travel that far away to find the duplicate. But what about 100 trillion years into the future time, instead of distance away? Since this spooky connection between particles is independent of distance, and it happens faster than the speed of light could it be independent of time as well? What if that means there are duplicate Earths in the far distant future 100 trillion years away?

What if when you see that light at the end of the tunnel when you die, what you see is the opening of the same vagina you already emerged from, except a quantum duplicate 100 trillion years into the future? Then you would live the life again, never knowing of the previous one you have lived countless times before. You would live the same life countless times into the far, far future, forever.

That brings up another point for me. A real reason to try my best to live an honorable, and good life. If I am stuck with living the same life over and again, forever, I want that forever to be a pleasant one. Or at least as pleasant as I can make it. I should try to make other people's lives pleasant too, because they are stuck with the same fate as everyone else, to live the same life over and again. Could you imagine what it must be like for evil people going around causing death and mayhem? Doing the same things over and over forever? To me that sounds like some kind of hell I would like to avoid.

I'll avoid that possible hell by living in peace. By doing good to them around me, forever. That sounds like some kind of heaven, one might say.