Thursday, November 6, 2014

Commercial Aviation an Environmental Disaster

Here is the reason I believe that human made climate change is real. I'm going to leave out all the other reams of data from the scientific community, and try to present this in terms easily understood. Please give me the benefit of the doubt and hear me out. I'm basing this on some personal experience. Here goes.

World  wide there are approximately 144,000 commercial aircraft, with an average of 2 to 4 jet engines powering each one. There are approximately 5000 IFR (Instrument Flight Reference) aircraft flying over the United States at any given moment. Roughly 10,000 globally. That does not include VFR (Visual Flight Reference) aircraft, and/or private light aircraft.

There are all these thousands of jet aircraft, with all their multiple engines running at the same time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But let me stop a minute and invite you to view this video. To get the full, and more real effect, turn your volume all the way up.

The guys in the video are only running one of the engines on that old Boeing 727. I remember engine runs at maintenance facilities running all of their engines at 110% throttle before releasing them to the customer. Talk about loud, you have to have ear plugs or blow out your ears. The point here though is to give you a picture to go on. Let's multiply that by 10,000 aircraft. Let's further multiply that by the minimum number of 2 engines per aircraft. That is 20,000 jet engines running all the time. Lets place all 20,000 engines in a field and run them 24 hours a day. Let's do that for the next 50 years. If you don't see where this is going, I've already failed to explain things properly.

Okay, lets add some items to that field of jet engines. Let's add every engine from every automobile on the planet that is running at any given moment. Now let's add all the oil and coal fired power generating stations. All the steel mills, and other factories world wide to our field. Let's run all of that thousands and millions of fires burning for another 50 years. Use your vivid imagination in your complex human brain to visualize what that would look like. There is no person of reason who wouldn't be horrified by such a specter.

The horror is, that's exactly what we have. The field is the planet, and all them millions of fires are burning every single second, and have been for a very long time. People worry about such non-sense as chem-trail conspiracy theories and totally ignore the real and present danger of hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide being pumped into our atmosphere on a continual basis.

It must be hard to realize it for the regular guy on the street. Conflicting stories from special interests run rampant. I can totally understand why some people would try their best to quash any talk of global warming, melting ice caps and Pacific islands being submerged by ever rising oceans. People's bottom line is at stake. That doesn't only go for big business. It goes for the little guy filling up at the gas pump, while thinking of ways to make ends meet in a very competitive economy. Everyone has chips on the table in this poker game, and the stakes are extremely high.

When I think of articles like the next one I present here, I get a feeling that nothing is going to be done about it for sometime. The threat hasn't sunk in yet to all people because they have not felt any real pain caused by this global climate change threat. They will though, and it may not be pretty. I really think it will be quite ugly.

Number of planes to double in next two decades, Boeing forecasts

I remember the massive failure in crops, and a mass sell off of cattle just this last summer here in the United States. That drought was directly responsible for the huge increase in beef prices we seen in 2014. The United States, being a rich country, was able to off-set some of the damages by importing food from other countries. As the situation gets worse that will become less of an available option because the other food producing countries will cut back on exports trying to maintain their own populations.

So all of the people who believe that the notion of global human made climate change is some kind of conspiracy perpetrated on the public by "one world government", "new world order" despots should reevaluate their position on this supremely important subject. All the data point to rising average global atmospheric temperatures. This is not something that I, or anyone else wants to be able to say "I told you so" about. If things got to that point, we're screwed. Beside, if we are wrong about this, we have less to lose than if we are correct. If it is correct that climate change is real, we have everything to lose.

Now before I close this, open up that video of the jet engine run. Open it 20,000 times at once, turn the volume all the way up, and run it 24 hours a day for the next 50 years. Keep that picture in your head while you listen to someone tell you that global warming is not real.