Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Society Missed the Point of a Gunned Down Youth

The outrage seems to be gun violence, when there is a very much more insidious danger lurking in the shadows. It is rampant fear mongering added to hate and prejudiced. That's what really caused this tragic lose of life. Irresponsible news casting by sensationalist media, Politicians pointing fingers and fostering hate and fear. Complacent populations who don't give a crap about anything other than getting a bigger slice of the pie.

A young man gunned down in Florida, one in Ferguson another and another. All this will not stop by shifting the blame to guns. The blame belongs in people, not in the objects used . None of this will ever end as long as people profit from the division. Not until we as a society stand firm and ignore the people who use us against each other will we be free of this slavery. We have to let go of the fear that is installed in us from the day we are born. No more boogeyman under the bed, that turns into one sitting in a driveway later because of fear.

Speaking of fear mongering, I wonder how many hours this misguided person turned killer viewed Fox News before this happened?

I remember once I was inside an airplane doing my work. There was a zip tie on a wire harness that needed to be cut off. I whipped out my trusty Uncle Henry knife and cut it off slick as a whistle. About that time some young fellow looked at me with a worried face and said "You could kill someone with that thing". I replied "Hey, I'm a metal smith. I don't kneed this to kill people." Then I started listing things off things in my tool box that I could use instead. I told him about my ball peen hammer, box knife, scribe, drill motor, bucking bars, etc., etc. etc. Later that day the supervisor asked me to leave Uncle Henry at home. So the very next day I brought in a more acceptable working blade. It was a folding knife with every bit as long of a blade as the last one.

See my point? That guy was acting exclusively on fear. Fear that was given to him by someone with an agenda. He was being a slave to his fear, and more so to the people manipulating him and people like him.