Monday, November 24, 2014

New World Order Needed to Stop Human Caused Climate Change

Here are some of the things that I believe need to be done to stop human caused global climate change. I doubt any of it will ever be done unless the worlds population goes through extreme hardship first.

The expanding human population is the reason I believe the Climate Summit the President attended with their agreements are to little, to late. There will still be a net increase in carbon emissions, and global temperatures will continue to rise. We need a net decrease, and to get it people will not like what we must do. I really am skeptical that people will be willing to do it, so we will have to continue to do as we do now, which is try to mitigate the damages.

This is what I think our species needs to do.

1. Reduce the on planet human population to 3 billion. (1959 level)
    a. Make it unlawful, and a social taboo to have more than one child per household, world wide.

2. Ground all aircraft used for civilian transport.
    a. See super-rail transport.

3. Eliminate the private ownership of automobiles.
    a. See local system of human mass transport.

4. Build a global system of super-rail transport.
    a. Construct a rail system several gauges larger than being used today.
    b. Construct bridges that would connect Alaska with Siberia, traverse the
        Straits of Gibraltar and  connect South Asia with Australia, to be used
        for the super-rail.
    c. Construct rail cars that would rival Boeing 747 aircraft in size.
        1. Power the system with solar power.
        2. Equip the super-rail cars with business suites that could be leased for
            rolling offices.

5. Build local systems of human mass transit.
    a. Buses, light rail, electric public automobiles.

6. Retrofit all private homes and all businesses with solar power systems.

7. Eliminate oil, and coal fired power generation.

8. Limit the production of animal food products like beef and pork.

9. Begin a massive world wide effort to industrialize space.
    a. Cause all heavy industry to be placed off-world.
        1. orbital
        2. moon and moon orbit
        3. Mars and Mars orbit

10. Construct orbital solar arrays to harvest energy from the sun, and beam it
      to earth.

11. Begin a massive effort to colonize the moon and Mars.

12. Begin a massive effort to harvest near Earth asteroids for metals, and
      volatile substances.

I'm pretty sure if humans did all these things, and other things that are not yet apparent we could return Earth to a stable state of being. The problem is, practically no one would be willing to endure a short term loss for a long term gain. The prevailing attitude is that we beat the odds before, we'll just wait and see, then deal with it as it comes. Mitigation is an option that is needed, but relied on to heavily.

These methods may seem extreme. These ideas may seem radical. Well, they are. These ideas would require a whole New World Order, and people don't like the sound of that either. That is why I'm skeptical that any of it will ever happen, or that what our world leaders are doing now will help matters.