Thursday, November 20, 2014

Immigration, Gridlock, Shutdowns and the Speaker of the House

Remember when all the children were crossing the southern border in mass? I remember it, and the cause for their migration. Despotic gang violence, sex slave trade and murder gone rampant in their own land. Then when these desperate people looked to the worlds leader for help, all they got was venom. I seriously doubt these people would have risked everything if things weren't really bad in their native land.

I'm going to have to side with the president on this. The GOP say the president hasn't done anything, it is all his fault, he made the shutdown threat, etc., etc. I'm not buying it. The Speaker of the House has the authority to choose which bills go to the floor for debate and a vote. There has been a bill, reportedly with strong bipartisan support, that the GOP leadership has not allowed to see the light of day. This is an example of why I believe the Speaker has to much power, and that our nation should adopt a Westminster Style Speaker of the House.

"Unlike some Westminster system parliaments, in which the office of Speaker is considered non-partisan, in the United States, the Speaker of the House is a leadership position and the office-holder actively works to set the majority party's legislative agenda."

Partisan role
"The Speaker is responsible for ensuring that the House passes legislation supported by the majority party. In pursuing this goal, the Speaker may use his or her power to determine when each bill reaches the floor. They also chair the majority party's steering committee in the House."

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

I think the American people regardless of party affiliation are tired of Capitol Hill gridlock, and threats of government shutdowns. The people want our government to work for them, and without all the partisan fighting that is harming our nation. They want their taxes to go for good works, not to pay for a dog fight in the halls of government.

Please support the institution of a Westminster type system, making the Speaker a strictly non-partisan chair.

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Edit Added: Here's some more information about the Westminster system Speaker. Please read about it and tell me what you think. I think doing this one thing would really help out. The down side? It would take an act of congress.

The Speaker, by convention, severs all ties with his or her political party, as it is considered essential that the Speaker be seen as an impartial presiding officer.[4] In many cases, individuals have served in ministerial or other political positions before being elected Speaker. For example, Selwyn Lloyd and George Thomas had both previously served as high-ranking Cabinet members, whilst Bernard Weatherill was previously a party whip.

In the House, the Speaker does not vote on any motion, except in order to resolve ties. After leaving office, the Speaker normally takes no part in party politics; if elevated to the House of Lords, he or she would normally sit as a crossbencher.