Saturday, November 8, 2014

A New Leader Needs to be Chosen

I am a small, and a simple man. One, like you, who has no clout except for that given to us by others. There are no leaders without people who are willing to follow. Let me offer the memory of one of our greatest leaders. Mr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Please look at the video even if you've seen it before. Note all the people there. He didn't force any of them to follow. Instead, they chose him to lead. They chose him because he had a message, and wasn't in fear of telling it. His message struck a cord that people recognized as good and true. He had a dream and evil people killed him to shut him up.

He wasn't whining. He was doing the thing all Americans should do, voice their discontent. It seems like as he warned, we have gone back to business as usual. It seems like that rude awakening is soon upon us. There will be an awakening, or people will continue in ignorance, and complacency, grabbing for crumbs while 1% eat their portion and ours.

That's why we find ourselves where we are today. The standard of living for the middle class gets lower, while the top earners gather an ever increasing part of the American pie. We are not judged by the content of our character either, but rather by the color of our skin, the size of our bank accounts, and whether we step in unison with greed and avarice.

Simple persons like the great crowd you see cheering Mr King came together in mass, and a nation took notice. One day, and I hope that day comes soon, all the simple persons will choose another leader like Mr. King. I hope for the sake of our nation and species that the the next time, we do not step back. Not like our nation has stepped back during the Obama presidency. Sorrowfully, Mr. Obama was not that leader to bring our nation forward. He was unwillingly used as a tool to divide us.

I have a prediction. Like Mr King, the next leader will come from the "simple persons". I only hope it don't take to long for that person to step up. So keep "whining" if that is what the complacent want to call it. You might be that leader.