Friday, November 7, 2014

Environmental Issues Decided by the Fox in the Hen House

My bull crap tolerance level has went way down this last week. I think it is because it seems like a sham has been pulled on the people, and the people let it happen because they are offered candy. I'm getting loath to any more attempts to bring sanity to my nay saying readers. Here's an example.

Our nation has spent $100's of billions on NASA and advance technology. Hired scientists with advanced degrees. Took thousands of measurements and samples, and still it seems that a big enough portion of our society are taken in by these shysters that they elect people like James Inhofe to the United States senate and task him with chairing the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. I wonder how many of these people allow the fox to have sway in the hen house? They are allowing this giant conflict of interests, so why not release the floodgates of ignorant thinking, and let insanity rule all. We may as go back 500 years and reinstate a system of lords and surfs.

James Inofe is not a good person to give stewardship of our environment. I'll lay out the charges. This comes word for word out of this wiki. I don't want to hear any talk of "Well that data is out of the wiki so its credibility is suspect" That is the argument of a loser, and I'll just ignore it the same as I would ignore the rantings of a mad man. After the charges I'll paste the text of who backs this man and it will become clear why he is a climate change denier, he is a bought man.

So the reasons and data are undeniable as far as I'm concerned. If you or anyone else can't see the truth, well I just don't know what else to say, so I'll just unfriend/block you so you can live in your little fantasy world. You just go on ahead and believe in all the pseudoscience you want. Deny every bit of science you can, as long as big brother gives you candy. I'll stick with people of knowledge and reason. You deniers can stick with myth, rumor and lies. I no longer care about trying to convince the ignorant masses. They can wallow in their ignorance until they die from it for all I care.

Let the charges begin.

Inhofe, former chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, does not believe that human activities cause climate change,[33] despite consensus of scientific opinion that Earth's climate is being affected by human activities.[34] In The Republican War on Science, Chris Mooney stated that Inhofe "politicizes and misuses the science of climate change"

Inhofe often repeats his claim that human influenced climate change is a hoax and impossible because "God's still up there" and it is "outrageous" and arrogant for people to believe human beings are "able to change what He is doing in the climate."

and said that "satellite data, confirmed by NOAA balloon measurements, confirms that no meaningful warming has occurred over the last century."[38] However the satellite temperature record corroborates the well-documented warming trend noted in surface temperature measurements.

Inhofe had previously stated that Global Warming is "the second-largest hoax ever played on the American people, after the separation of church and state."

Inhofe has similarly criticized ozone depletion, particularly in relation to the Arctic.

He also accused the media of ignoring scientists such as Roger A. Pielke and William Gray who, Inhofe asserts, disagree with global warming.[46] Pielke has explicitly denied the assertion that he is skeptical of the human impact on climate change.

During the 109th Congress, Inhofe voted to increase offshore oil drilling, to include provisions for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the House Budget Amendment, and to deny funding for both low-income energy assistance and environmental stewardship, citing heavy costs and unproven programs.[49] As of 2006, the League of Conservation Voters has given Inhofe the lowest possible score on environmental issues

Under questioning from committee member Jay Inslee, Inhofe dismissed the notion that he was less knowledgeable than climate scientists, saying that he'd already given "five speeches on the science."


In the 2008 election cycle, Inhofe's largest campaign donors represented the oil and gas ($446,900 in donations), leadership PACs ($316,720) and electric utilities ($221,654) industries/categories.[23][24] In 2010, his largest donors represented the oil and gas ($429,950) and electric utilities ($206,654).[25]

The primary PACs donating to his campaigns were: Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association $55,869, United Parcel Service $51,850, National Association of Realtors $51,700, National Rifle Association $51,050, American Medical Association $51,000. Additionally, if company-sponsored PACs were combined with employee contributions, Koch Industries would be Inhofe's largest contributor, with $90,950 (less than 0.6% of total contributions), according to the Center for Responsive Politics.