Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson Riots: How Far Would the Government Go?

I was thinking about the Ferguson situation, with the national guard being called out and riots. That lead me to think of things like Kent State, and others, when the Draft Riots in New York entered my mind.

I thought of how far our government would go to put down riot violence. Even the Gangs of New York movie exaggerated the roll of the Federal Government in putting down the riots there, they did act with deadly effectiveness.

I urge the people in Ferguson who I heard yelling "burn it down" to tone that stuff down. I plead with any persons who wish to burn businesses and cars to stop before it is to late. If persons get to violent with this, it can be labeled an insurrection, then our government will be able to use more force to quell it. They did it before, and they will do it again if things get to far out of hand. All them National Guard Troops armed to the teeth are not just for show.

Express your discontent, but do it in a peaceful manner or nothing good will come of it. It's tough. It sucks in a number of ways. It is a situation that must be cured, but burning businesses and destroying property is not the answer. Violent riots will only lead to an escalation of violence, and the rioters will not win. They will lose against overwhelming Federal force, and more importantly the whole community will lose undeservedly.

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