Monday, November 24, 2014

The James Parks Show Debut Now

The James Parks Show is on the air!

I've been thinking of doing something like this for a long time. So now I put something together this morning just to see how it goes. If I get a good response I'll continue to put out more videos like this. Expect the format to change often. This is a project in work. This is a learning experience for me. It is fun too!

I'll talk about thing s that interest me. Politics, the environment, religion, social problems and other stuff of a lighter nature too! Sometimes there will be no serous topics at all. So expect a lot of surprises.

This first show touches on immigration, the environment, gridlock and Thanksgiving wishes. I hope you enjoy the show, and if you do please share it around. Also if you have any suggestions please email me at All comments are welcome. If you want to comment on issues and ask me questions, send that along in an email and I'll pick out the best ones and answer it on the show.

Thanks to all my followers who have kept up all these years. Thanks to all the new people who will be jumping on board. I look forward to many more years of service to you, my friends.