Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Benghazi Scandal & Unreasonable Fools

 Here's something that strikes me about all this. All the Benghazi Scandal promoters are the same people who push ideas like:

1. Obama being a Muslim Radical trying to overthrow the government.
2. Obama doesn't have the rights to be president because he wasn't born here.
3. He wants to take away all your guns.
4. That he wants to have a flood of undocumented aliens cross our border to take away our jobs.
5. That he is trying to ruin the economy, and raise the debt.
6. That human made global climate change is a hoax
7. This list is getting long, so I'll just add a graphic down below.

So given that after all the moneys spent on investigations, pushed by conspiracy theory peddling ,Tea Party/GOP big money thralls, and finding them baseless, can you supporters of such things please reconsider your position?

Look, it is way better for you if you are mistaken about the whole thing, find out the error, and then change course, than it is to keep pushing something that is completely wrong. People will applaud your efforts to obtain truth, but call them a fool who renounce it. Here is an example of this from my life working on aircraft.

I was doing a repair to the emergency exit door frame on a McDonnell Douglas DC-9. In doing the repair I had to use what they call blind fasteners because there was not good enough access to the inside of the structure. Blind fasteners called Cherrymax were called for in the Structural Repair Manual (SRM). This type of fastener is designed to be inserted into the hole, then set by using a puller to pull a pin through it that swells the blind side. I had installed the fasteners, and after rechecking my work, I submitted the finished task to quality assurance.

A little while later the inspector who had inspected it walked up to me and handed me back the paperwork, and informed me there was a problem with the work. He said a few of the fasteners blind ends were not in accordance with (IAW) the SRM. I told him I would look it over, but also informed him that there are no inspection criteria called out in the SRM for the blind side of a Cherrymax. I didn't lecture him, but how could there be a criteria when that fastener is designed for the purpose of a hole that you can't even see the other side of it.

He got angry right off the bat because I questioned his judgement. He told me "You better get the copy of the spec for Cherrymax fasteners, and if your wrong, I'll have you replace all of them." So I obliged him by getting the spec for that type of fastener, and it confirmed what I had told him about inspecting the blind end of a Cherrymax. When I handed him the spec, he literally shoved the paperwork into my chest and said he was rejecting the whole task.

When that happened, I got angry. I had a near zero defect record, and this ass wanted to put a rejection on my record because he couldn't accept that he was in error. I took it over his head. He got reprimanded and had to take remedial courses. His reputation as a good inspector, and as a reasonable human being was ruined.

The moral of the story is, don't back a bad position when you know you're in error. Graciously thank them for informing you of the error, and be glad for it. People will think you a wise and reasonable person, instead of an unreasonable fool.