Monday, June 16, 2014

Trouble in Iraq: Who's to Blame?

Mitt Romney is having fun laying the blame for Isis at the administration's feet. Apparently, the President and Hillary Clinton didn't do the things needed to stop this from happening, so it is their fault. Let's not forget that Obama promised to get all of our troops out of there. Everyone wanted him to bring all of our troops home from there, and Afghanistan.

Romney: Obama's 'Inaction' Is Responsible for Iraq Falling to ISIS

How about keeping things in prospective. How about laying the fault at the feet of ignorance and superstition. The factions in that part of the world only care about 1500 year old blood feuds, and tribal power. A bunch of primitive thinkers with an axe to grind caused this. The people riding through the streets shooting peaceful folks are to blame for the violence there now. The security forces fleeing their posts in the face of the enemy allowed this wave of terror. The failure of the al-Maliki government to be blind to factions, and using the office for revenge, has caused this.

I'm going to have to remember that everything that happens now, and through to the end of the election will be tainted by the election. Each side is going to use any event as ammunition against one another. They will do that even if they have to stretch the truth to the breaking point.