Monday, June 16, 2014

Cannabis Prohibition & Broken Trust: The Big Lie

I sure do wish cannabis was legal in Indiana. If it was, I would be smoking a bowl right now. It helps me with peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. Cannabis can help a lot of people. I know this from personal experience. Here is the way I see it.

First off we, the American People, were purposely lied to about the nature of this substance from the start. That, my friend, is a breaking of the public's trust. Our ancestors didn't put Harry Anslinger, or anyone else like him, in our government to manipulate the process for their own purposes. The only purpose anyone in our government has is to do the will and business of the people. That is a sacred trust that must never be broken.

So we were lied to. We are also putting a lot of peaceful people behind bars too! It is an out rage that any person would loose their freedoms and liberties over cannabis! It is a ridiculous exercise in hypocrisy. You know it. I know it, and the people at the DEA and DOJ know it. Everyone knows that alcohol and tobacco are far more likely to cause death and loss of property than marijuana. So why all the hand wringing?

Maybe one of the reasons for the hand wringing goes back to the first lies to be told on this topic. No one wants to admit that the government lied about the whole thing, and on purpose. It is stuff like this that makes me loose respect for the people who run things. A blatant example of the not admitting was seen when Bill Clinton said the "didn't inhale" comment. Yeah right! So come on, guys! Fess up, and admit the truth! Who do you think you're dealing with? You'll piss off the public way more by not coming forth.

There is the money and crime issue to consider too. Anyone who says the gangsters don't make big profits off the fact that marijuana is illegal is deluding themselves. Politicians in Mexico say the American apatite for drugs is to blame for their problem with murder and gang violence. They are correct, but the problem can't be shoved off on the people. It is the policies of the government that set up an environment where criminals are allowed to profit and flourish, where the fault lays. They try to act like the persons are broken, when it is the system that is broken. Fix the system.

When it comes to cannabis, fixing the system would go a long way towards fixing a lot of other things. It can help offset the irresponsible spending of the people we have in government. There, I said it. Colorado and Washington haven't seen any wave of crime, or reefer madness gripping the population. People must of thought it would turn out like a bad 1950's sci-fi movie. Marijuana Zombies didn't start roaming the streets in search of doughnut shops to ravage. Very little happened that could be called "bad". Mostly good stuff happened, like collecting millions of dollars for schools. The crime rate actually went down in Colorado.

I could go on and on about the $BILLIONS$ being lost to criminals. I could harp all day long about how old persons on Social Security or Disability could grow a few plants and supplement their incomes. We could mention the jobs that could be created in a time when we need jobs very badly. I could mention all them things, but I won't! Oops, I just did.

Come on friends! Lets make this a major ballot issue in the 2016 Elections. Get vocal. Vote!