Saturday, June 21, 2014

Paul Ryan Calls IRS Chief a Liar

It is quite disturbing that the IRS may have been used as a tool against the Tea Party or the GOP. I have to say it does seem very fishy that all them hard drives crashed at such an opportune time.

Even so, I think it was in poor taste for Rep. Paul Ryan to say "I don't believe you" to John Koskinen, the IRS Director. Mr. Ryan sat there and hurled accusations, one after the other without giving any opportunity for rebuttal, then called him a liar. That is in very poor taste and shows a lack of class. I think Mr. Ryan was looking to make a name for himself, and damage the currant administration only. Any abuse of power by the IRS is secondary to the goal of destroying the current administration.

He should be probing for the facts, ONLY. It is not his job to call people a liar. That will come out at the end of the investigation. People will know it no matter if Mr. Ryan points it out. He needs to ask questions, gather facts, and leave the disposition of the case to them who will decide if this needs to be elevated.

Mr Paul Ryan is grandstanding for political gain, nothing more.

As far as my interest in the IRS, if any person in that organization broke the law, they should be punished. Let us have our judges decide who is guilty and/or lying.