Friday, June 20, 2014

A Vision for the Future

The best way to stimulate the economy is to pour money into education, NASA/Space Exploration and research & development.

Our government has been mismanaged for a very long time. Instead of supporting policy that would expand our economy, and our civilization, we have poured money into oil subsidies, greedy Wall Street crooks and war.

Every since time immemorial, human economy has been based on expansion. Humanity has expanded out over all corners of the Earth. There is no where else to colonize for the masses. That leaves us competing for finite resources.

Skilled factory jobs have been outsourced to lands where the cost of labor is less. All the while, our society has told the young that they must get a college degree to make a good wage. In the process of obtaining that degree, they are gouged to the limit for things like books and tuition. They go into massive debt only to find upon graduation that the promised jobs do not exist.

All this has caused spending on social programs, and crime caused by desperation and poverty to increase at an unsustainable rate.

So how would pouring money into education, NASA/Space Exploration and research & development solve our problems, you may ask?

We had a chance to avoid all this back in the early days of the 1970's, in the Apollo era. That is the time our nation dropped the ball, and greed took control. If our society had continued funding NASA and education at the same rate, and accounting for inflation, we would not have the problems we do today. Humanity would have had colonies on Mars, and the Moon by now. Along with that we would have skilled people to do the work necessary for such expansion. The jobs would be there for them who wish to seek advanced education, and for them who wish to do skilled craftsman type work. The crime rate would be lower because there wouldn't be so many poor, desperate and disillusioned people. Social spending would be far less than it is today as a percentage of our overall budget. We, as a species could support many more billions of people because we would no longer be confined to only one celestial body for a place to live. War would not be so frequent because humans would not be competing so desperately for finite resources. Humanity could of had, should of had a Golden Era, but we were robbed of it.

It is not to late to turn things around. All we have to do is vote out all the primitive thinkers, and start a massive global effort to do now what we should of been doing during the last 40 years. We, as a nation, and as the most powerful economic and industrial force on our planet should take the lead. We can, by our example, cause other nations to join our efforts.

Don't get me wrong, please. I am not going to say it will be easy because it won't. It took the will of an entire globe of freedom loving people to defeat despotism during WWII. It took sacrifice and dedication, long hours and blood to solve that horrible problem, but we did it. We did it because we had to do it or be slaves.

The efforts we need to build a new society, who's industry is based on the unlimited possibilities of expansion into the cosmos, can still be had. We can avoid the further economic enslavement of humanity by greedy, self serving people if we take action. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to set things right, and the more unnecessary suffering innocent people will be subjected to.

The new elections are upon us. Now is the time to start changing the status quo. Now is the time to start the Golden Era for humanity.

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Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being a part of the solution.