Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Most Informed Voters in American History

Good morning, and a happy Wednesday. I've been thinking about the political process this morning. Specifically the Indiana political process.

In the past I watched TV, listened to ads on the radio, and read news papers to get news on political candidates. That worked up to a point. It wasn't ideal by a long shot. I'm sure there was a massive amount of information on the candidates I did not know. A lot of information I had no idea existed or how to access it. A lot of information I knew existed, but didn't know how to access. Things are somewhat different now.

Now we have the information powerhouse of the internet. Now we have vast amounts of information at our beck and call. With the slightest movements of our fingers and wrists, we can summon all the information we need to make informed choices. We can also get all the latest news about the happenings in government halls, and share it instantly among our fellow citizens. We can write our thoughts about candidates and issues, and instantly have thousands of eyes reading our message. We even have the power to make videos of our issue of choice, and air it freely to free peoples around the world. How awesome is that?

Well, I'll tell you how awesome I think it is. It's only as awesome as we make it by our own use. There are many pit falls to avoid. Like liars. There are plenty of them out there. They take pleasure in duping people into believing their fabrications. They love to take a story, or a statement, chop it into little pieces, glue it back together with crazy glue, then regurgitate their vial concoction for the consumption of trusting people. They do it with only one end goal. Their own enrichment is their goal, be that monetarily, or self aggrandizement. It the end of the day, the liars don't give a hoot about your welfare at all.

We also have all the people who tell untruths, but believe with all their heart that they tell the truth. These people are very hard to deal with. Most of them have mental blinders on that will not allow them to consider anything other than what they already know. They tell their so called truths over and again, and not necessarily to bring others into their way of thinking. They, more often than not, are looking for confirmation of their misguided ideology or truths by like minded individuals. Not much point in reading their diatribe, or trying to present them with the truth. They already have their scripted and well rehearsed verses to say over and again.

What's left is the truth. So be prepared to dig for it. When you see, or hear something one of our candidates say, look that stuff up! If it is from your favorite party, or from the one you don't like, you have to look up everything any of them say. If you see that they know, or hang around with a person or company, look that person or company up and see what they are about. Some times you have to look at the person the candidate is involved with, then look it the company's business that the person the candidate is involved with does, and who else is in that business, and who they supported in the past. Just the mention of one name can uncover a whole lot of hidden schemes and dirty deals. All you have to do is dig for it. It's out there, and they don't want you to find it.

All that dirt on these guys and companies is there for you to find and use to make informed decisions on who to vote for. One of the ways you can know a true heart candidate is by just how willing they are to be forthcoming with that information. A lot of them depend on you to NOT dig for the truth, to NOT remember the past, to make knee jerk decisions and/or to be apathetic. Some of these crooks are winning time and again because of that. Just look at the unchallenged seats of any government office. Look at how many governmental offices there are that no one even filed to run for. That shows extreme apathy in that voter base, and the old guard just loves it.

It is time to end all that stuff. It is time for the people of the United States of America to use the new found power of the internet, and social media to take power. It is time for the people of the United States to be the most informed voters in American history. All we have to do is take charge. Make the liars tell the truth because they will have no choice other than to tell the truth. Time to make the persons who say they have the truth to prove it, or sit quietly by until they can present the real truth.

Even everything, every word I say here on this blog is not immune to scrutiny. No one, no thing is immune from the question "Is it the truth? Is it real? If some person tells you there can be no questioning of their truth or opinion, stop right there, and know you are dealing with a person of questionable intent.

So please join me, my fellow lovers of liberty and freedom. That plea goes for ALL Americans, no matter your status. We have all got to take power from the self serving people who are ruining our republic.

Here is a link for the people of Indiana to help get started.  It is from

Indiana elections, 2014

I would give your state a look, and go from there. Study, study, study. Don't depend on someone else to do it for you. If you do, you will regret it.

Now lets get the liars out, and the true heart politicians in.