Saturday, December 6, 2014

Officer Who Shot Tamir Rice Has Disturbing Past

I find this extremely disturbing. How can any of us now trust a police officer to do the right thing. It doesn't matter if it is a good cop, or a bad cop. Because of stuff like this, and other things, all of them are now under suspicion.

The federal government is taking over the Cleveland police department because of incompetence. I can think of a few more that needs the same thing. The Dept. of Justice needs to absorb all police departments if the cities can not do a good job. It's already bad enough that we have all these states and cities, all with different laws. You do something that is perfectly legal in one place, then do the exact same thing in another place and you're looking at decades in prison. That is insanity.

We need something like they have in the military. Lets call it "The Uniform Code of Civilian Justice". Make all laws across the nation the same. Bring all police departments, be it city, state or federal under the Department of Justice direct control. Also eliminate state issued tags on vehicles, and drivers licenses/ID cards, and have a uniform federal issued items.