Thursday, December 25, 2014

Islam vs Atheism Debate

Last night I viewed this debate between Lawrence Krauss and Hamza Tzortzis - Islam vs Atheism Debate. I wrote down my thoughts while watching. What follows is my thoughts on it. It was published on Mar 29, 2013 to this Youtube Channel. Thanks for posting it.

Lawrence Krauss vs Hamza Tzortzis - Islam vs Atheism Debate

I just finished viewing the Islamic argument, and I can't say I was impressed by it. It seemed he tried to use the Koran to prove itself. Plus he has no background in physics what-so-ever, so all of his observations were based on philosophy and pure contemplation without any experimental evidence. Now for Dr. Krauss.

I did see Dr. Krauss roll his eyes at some of Mr. Tzortzis's statements. I hope he touches on those. Might be good for a laugh.

Just finished listening to Mr. Krauss. I must admit his argument was far more convincing. Even though I am a layman when it comes to physics, I know enough to understand what he is talking about, and all of it was based on observation, reason and verifiable experimentation. He basically lay waste to the Islamist argument as far as I'm concerned.

Now Mr. Tzortzis gets to have some words in response.

I am trying to be as objective, and open minded as possible when viewing this debate. If you're wondering why I'm even doing this exercise, it has to do with a debate I've been having. I am keeping my end of a bargain. Me writing my observations here are so I can remember them, and so my debater may see them.

Mr. Tzortzis trying to say Arab innovation is a product of Islam, when it is a product of the Arab World. Said on several occasions that Mr. Krauss was stating from the Fox News narrative. Mr. Krauss asked about Shreia Law, admitting he knew little about it, Mr. Tzortzis gave evasive answers, now gets annoyed that Mr. Krauss hasn't read Shreia Law. Mr. Krauss says "That's why I asked the question". Trying to say Moral truths product of God.

Whew! I am going to have a good blog to write after this.

Mr. Krauss turn again.

I stopped putting anything more here last night because nothing new was offered. After this point, they only tried to get each other to understand each other's point of view. Both parties became frustrated with the other on several occasions. I really think most the people asking questions in the end didn't understand the concepts presented by Mr. Krauss. For instance, in one of his books he said "Nothing is something". People didn't understand that statement, and you could tell that it frustrated Mr. Krauss that they kept going back to that. The audience and the Islamic speaker kept trying to say it was a contradiction when it really isn't. They were taking the statement out of context. Mr. Krauss was only saying that the concept of "nothing" was something to think about, but these guys just couldn't seem to grasp that. The other concepts of physics were not grasped either, and that inability to understand these concepts became a real problem.

In the end, it was a futile exercise by both parties. For each party their idea still "Makes More Sense". After viewing this, atheism still "Makes More Sense" For me, atheism was re-enforced.