Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fast Economic Growth Points to FOX News Bias

Not bad for a Muslim, racist, socialist, blah, blah. other accusations of treason, more blah, blah, FOX news crap.

Which brings up something I would like to point out. Fox News won a decision from SCOTUS that basically said they could make up anything they want and air it as the truth. 1st Amendment Rights to free speech prevail. I've got a problem with it. The electromagnetic spectrum belongs to the people. All of these TV stations and radio stations have to buy a license from the FCC in order to use the people's airwaves, in effect. They are renting the the airwaves/electromagnetic spectrum from us, the citizens.

Now that it is established that these radio and TV stations/broadcasters are tenants of the people of the United States renting the people's resources, wouldn't it be logical that the people should have some kind of expectation of performance? Shouldn't the people expect that nothing but the truth be expected from an agency that claims to be a "News Network" when they are using the people's resource, the airwaves?

I believe that when these organizations call themselves an organization who disseminate the news to the public over rented property, the airwaves, they should be expected to air nothing but the truth. If they stray from that purpose they should be required to state that it is satire at the beginning of the broadcast and at the end, and at any other time that would make sure the people do not confuse fact with fiction.

        Fox News Channel controversies  

The Fox News Channel has been accused by academics, media figures, political figures, and watchdog groups of having various biases in their news coverage[1][2][3] as well as more general views of aconservative bias.[4] Fox News has publicly denied such charges,[5] stating that the reporters in the newsroom provide separate, neutral reporting.....