Friday, December 19, 2014

Holding on by a Thread

Don't humans get tired of just watching fantasy space exploration in the movies? Would they not be better served, and very proud if they all pitched in and colonized the solar system? Really, what are we working for? We only serve ourselves, and fight tooth and nail against one another for finite resources. Like a bunch of dogs trying to eat as much as possible from the bowl, trying to keep the other dog from getting any when a whole unlimited supply is within arms reach. The great void it where it lays. We can do that, or eat until this bowl is purged of all sustenance then die. Every last one of us, gone into oblivion. 

I doubt we are the only intelligent species out there. I know we are the only humans. What an extreme tragic event that would be if humans languished in the wallow until the bitter end. People talk of sin. In my humble opinion that would be the greatest sin of all. To die when we could of lived.

Time is running out, and at this point I don't think humans do enough to cause real greatness. We only do what is the bare minimum to keep holding on by a thread.