Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Marijuana: Legal State and Illegal State

When I move to the FREE state of Oregon I am going to start growing some cannabis like I did in New Mexico. I know how to grow HQ hydroponics. Pictures is one of my buds from when I had my Licensed Medical Marijuana grow in NM. The strain was Blue Dream. It is a sativa dominant plant. I like sativa better than indica because it doesn't put me to sleep. Indica is okay for bed time.

I had a pretty good grow going back then. What I grew helped me to deal with the effects of cancer treatment. All of that ended when I moved to the state of Indiana. I had to quit growing my personal garden because Indiana would lock me in prison if I tried to do that in the state. Here is another picture of my modest grow.

Indiana, and any other state where cannabis is still illegal should take note of something represented in these pictures. Economic activity is evident. All of that equipment costs money. I went to local stores to buy all of it. Hundreds of dollars worth of equipment in lights, replacements when the lights blow out, buckets, nutrients, PH adjusters, meters, pumps and other things. Not only that, many people in New Mexico have a Medical Marijuana card, but do not grow their own for one reason or the other. They go to the Licensed Dispensaries. When they purchase the products they are providing jobs, tax revenue and more! That more is, the dispensaries have to grow the products they sell. That means an investment in $hundreds of thousands$ of dollars of worth of equipment. That is another avenue of economic activity when they purchase all this equipment and supplies. Then there is lab fees. All of the products produced has to be tested by a certified lab for THC & CBD content, as well as mold.

It is my opinion that the law makers do not serve the interests of the citizens when they turn their backs on this potential economic generator. Not only is the state missing out on millions of dollars in tax revenue, but also on jobs for the people. It doesn't make sense to keep arresting people, and housing them in jails at the tax payers expense, when unregulated marijuana activity continues, and will continue. While Indiana continues with the policy of criminalize marijuana, badly needed monies go to criminal gangs, and the surrounding states which have legal medical marijuana programs.

End the draconian policy of criminalizing peaceful people who use this innocuous plant, marijuana. Let Indiana join in progressive legislature that will free up police resources, bring in more taxes, and provide many jobs. It is within your power. Speak up.