Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tax Break for Billionaires and a Carrot for Middle Class

Anyone who knows me knows I do not trust trump. With all the information I've seen about him and his history, plus his performance thus far as president gives me no reason to trust him. So that's the position I work from when considering his tax proposal.

I would not be surprised if this is one of the things he had hoped for all along. How do we know he didn't say to himself or his confederates before the election, "If only I (trump) could get elected president. I could get taxes lowered on capitol gains, and other things, and make like a bandit for years to come."

I see this as helping Wall Street the most when it comes to capitol gains. I'm not an expert, but nether are the vast majority of American voters when it comes to things like this. Even so, I see Wall Street gaining all kinds of benefits and producing nothing in the way of jobs or manufactured goods. If they produce anything it will be some kind of weird financial instruments designed to screw over unsophisticated investors. Then a few years down the road when this tax break fueled Wall Street bubble bursts the American people will be left holding the bag. A bag perhaps containing a $40 trillion dollar deficit.

What do the big wigs care? The trump will be out of office by then sitting on his ill gotten gain, and all of his cronies will be smoking Cuban cigars and drinking Russian vodka. I can't help being a pessimist after all the things I've seen. So don't blame me. It wouldn't be the first time the trump sold a pig in a poke. He has been very good at making a rotten deal look ever so sweet. Then when the bills pile up telling his debtors to take him to court for the money. A lot of them have too! He might be working off the same formula. Before the public knows the magic umbrellas that are supposed to protect them are a sham, he is out of town with all the money.

I don't trust him. I smell a rat. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe everything will come up roses. I darn sure hope so, but I got a bad feeling about this, and anything the trump touches.