Thursday, April 20, 2017

O'Really Shake Up at Fake News Makes Me Happy.

Any time there is a shakeup at Fake News I am glad. I think there is going to be some other people though who aren't going to be so glad. Those people are the smart mouthed people who rely on Bill O'Really for material. They already lost out earlier when they found out that Alex Jones was only doing "performance art" when they thought his rantings were the real deal.

Bill O'Really Fired!
O'Really, You're Fired!
They still have people like Rush Lamebrain to go to for smart mouthed fake news. The list grows shorter as time goes by. You can't be a public figure and keep your dirty deeds secret forever. They may think they can do anything they want because they are a star, but it catches up to them.

Wait a minute. Those words "do anything they want because they are a star" sound hauntingly familiar! Who said something like that and was caught on tape saying it? Oh yeah! It was none other than the biggest faker of them all, trump.

I bet this is a real blow to his fake news fueled policy pipeline. O'Really and trump were pals! Two peas in a pod were they. The trump even said O'Really was an okay guy. I guess two dirty birds of a feather are going to think they are in the company of okay guys if they think alike, (grab, grab, leer, leer).