Friday, April 21, 2017

Slave Labor is the Reason for Illegal Weed

During this clip from THE DAILY SHOW WITH TREVOR NOAH, Jeff Sessions opposition to legal cannabis is brought up. Let me clue you in to why Mr. Sessions might be opposed. In a word, slavery.

That's right, slavery is alive and well in Alabama. Mr. Sessions was elected Attorney General of Alabama in 1996, being re-elected in 2002, 2008, and 2014. Alabama has a long history of prison slave labor. There was even a strike by prisoners to protest the practice. Council, one of the founders of the Free Alabama Movement, said "We will not work for free anymore. All the work in prisons, from cleaning to cutting grass to working in the kitchen, is done by inmate labor. Almost no prisoner in Alabama is paid. Without us the prisons, which are slave empires, cannot function. Prisons, at the same time, charge us a variety of fees, such as for our identification cards or wrist bracelets, and impose numerous fines, especially for possession of contraband. They charge us high phone and commissary prices. Prisons each year are taking larger and larger sums of money from the inmates and their families. The state gets from us millions of dollars in free labor and then imposes fees and fines. You have prisoners that work in kitchens 12 to 15 hours a day and have done this for years and have never been paid.”…/it…/americas_slave_empire_20150621

Alabama has private prisons too. So there is a corporate profit motive going on. So you get corporations making money off slaves and from running private prisons. There are corporations that exploit prison labor and finance the school-to-prison pipeline. McDonald’s is reported to use prisoners to process beef for patties and package bread, milk, chicken products. Mr. Sessions history of being from Alabama and his job as Attorney General points to him being neck deep in this problem of prison slave labor.

Which brings us back to the issue of legalized marijuana. Who better to have as slaves than nonviolent pot smokers? Everyone who knows the issues know that illegal weed has been used for decades as a reason to lock people up. The state has been profiting on marijuana by it being illegal, and that's the reason Jeff Sessions wants to keep it that way.

Indiana is also a private prison state. The Vice President is from Indiana.