Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Old TV Shows and Lost Expectations

As I sit here watching this old TV show I wonder, what the hell happened to America? I'm watching The Time Tunnel. It was made in the 1960's, during one of the greatest technological, and exploration era of human kind. An era when we had a deep fascination, acceptance of technology, assurance of where we were going, and expectations of our future. Then it all failed.

The Time Tunnel

Now our civilization is stuck in a quagmire of fundamentalist dogma, and fear of technology. No longer does our nation have the confidence in our future we had then. No longer can we look for ever increasing advancement, but rather we are retrograde in our expectations. It seems like we're just waiting around for the end of us.

We need to recapture that vigor of the Apollo era. That expectation of off world colonies and exploration. Of ever increasing advancement. We must do it before we are no longer capable of it because of the decay of our civilizations base. Because of a greedy few who only want to grab every thing they can, without regard for humanities future.