Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mars: Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

This article I've posted a link to below is the kind of stuff that bugs me to no end. The penny pinching, shortsightedness of it all. The penny wise and pound foolishness. The lack of vision, and unwillingness to take a chance.

I'll bring it up again like I have so many times before. Remember the bubble that burst and $16 trillion it cost to repair the financial damages in 2008? Please consider the fact that $16 trillion is enough money to fund 91 Apollo missions all at the same time and from start to finish. But these guys are going to throw out a scary figure to crush hopes at $450 billion.

The Journey to Mars has a price tag, and it will give Congress sticker shock

Journey to Mars
At the lowest price, $450 billion, NASA would get only "austere" missions.
I wonder if 91 Apollo sized projects all combined into one would be enough effort to get Humans well on their way to moon colonization? There are plans for putting solar panels going around the equator of the moon so that we may beam solar energy from the moon to earth, thus solving our power needs and the fossil fuels caused greenhouse catastrophe. We might want to build a colony on the moon for just that purpose.

What about all them multi trillion dollar platinum asteroids floating around in space? While we're at it, why not go for broke and try for real riches! Do you think 91 Apollo missions going at the same time could do that? I kind of do! I think it would create jobs out the wazoo too! After all, you have to have skilled hands to build all that stuff. You have to have educated people to go there and work in space doing all that stuff. I think all them highly educated, high paid people would be buying all kinds of goods and services too! Jobs! Shall I say it again? JOBS!

The bail out was enough to fund 32+ Mars missions of the type they talk of in this downer of a killjoy article. I think if we went all out, and did the bold thing, colonizing the moon, building the lunar solar collecting grid and mining it and the asteroids, we would launch our civilization into a new era. A golden era like never seen in the history of humanity.

The thing is, you have to have guts to do it. You have to be willing to take a chance. You have to be willing to gamble it all, and have the confidence to see it through. I'm starting to think Humans don't have what it takes. All these alien movies with monsters and boogy man have scared them so much they poop in their diaper at the thought of really going to colonize another planet, much less the moon. All the big shots with their billions of dollars and all powerful attitude would quake in their silk lined shoes if they ever really took a gamble. They only want to bet on a sure winner, so they rig things here on Earth.

What a bunch of short sighted fools. The real winning bet is right outside our atmosphere. The payoff will take time to mature, but what a payoff. All the banks would have deposits like crazy! There would be a housing boom like no tomorrow. No wonder too! Space is unlimited, so that means unlimited space to colonize and have for humanity. People would be walking around with coins made of asteroid platinum in their pockets instead of the copper and nickel clad zinc debased junk we have now.

We would get better and better at it all the time too! Look at how many times SpaceX had to try, and failed, before they successfully landed a booster rocket standing on end on a barge at sea. I seen them blowing up, just like when our nation first started out building rockets. Now they land them suckers successfully all the time. They are getting better at it, just like we would with all of our endeavours in space.

The thing is, we have to go for it. Time is running out too! Time for the human race on this planet is getting short unless we do something bold. We are on a cosmic merrygoround, and the brass ring is within our grasp. We have to reach out and boldly grab it before the merrygoround stops. If we wait till it stops, we all are going to be dead, all of us. Every last man, woman and child on this planet will have a hard time getting along, then oblivion.

So let's not do that! Let us humans be bold and reach out for the stars. 91 Apollo missions style. The big gamble style. Really, "What the hell do you have to lose?"