Monday, June 26, 2017

We Have a Psychotic Person As President

The trump is such a child. The trump being accused of obstruction replies, "Nuh-ugh! They are doing the obstructing and/or they did it first!" as if that has anything to do with anything now.

Okay, what if Obama did what trump says. That doesn't let trump off the hook for one minute. If Obama did anything against the law, prosecute him along side trump and kill two birds with one stone.

We all know that's not the case. We all know that the trump is the lying shyster, and not Obama. Obama is the whipping boy used as a distraction. Just remember, if someone says trump did this or that and the response is something like "Well, Obama did whatever." or "Well, what about what Hillary did." then you know they have no defense and are panicking. You win.

File:Obama handing over the Presidency to Trump 22.jpg

Trump accuses Obama of "obstructing" the 2016 election

First it's fake news and a hoax. Now CBS is suddenly credible and the Russian Connection is not a hoax. First it was trump's team who are the collusion dummies. Now it is Obama who is the big collusion master, and trump's team deserves an apology.

The trump has latched onto one story from a source he has harshly criticized in the past for stories about him, calling them "fake", and totally in his mind turned the cake entirely upside down. He has managed to turn the so-called narrative 180 degrees around. It is all in his mind though. No matter how much he wishes to extricate himself from his present troubles, and to use Obama as the sacrificial lamb on the alter of deception, it isn't going to work.

What does he think is going on at FBI headquarters, the chief and his investigators read his little tweet, slapped themselves in the foreheads as if dumbfounded, proclaiming "Look at that. We've been investigating the wrong fellow all along! Okay boys, start a new file. The Obama collusion file.", is that what he thinks is going on?

I'll tell you whats actually going on. We have a psychotic person who lives in a fantasy land of delusion as president. He talks about Comey calling him "nut job" to his Russian pals in the Oval Office. With the convoluted thinking going on in trumps head allowing him to twist the reality of things like he has this time, I think we all know who is the real nut job is.