Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Pain and the Pleasure

Pain is something that I am well acquainted with. Searing, agonizing pain so intense it would bring you to your knees and beg almighty God to take you from it, or it from you. Pleasure, or joy if you want to call it that, is another thing I have intimate knowledge of. Pleasure also as intense as the pain. So much so that you never want it to end, but it does. So too does the pain end one way or the other. Pleasure and pain are bed fellows. They are intricately linked. They are like two sides of the same coin, one unable to exists without the other.

There will be times for both pleasure and pain for all of us. The period of pleasure or pain varies, but pain will always win out in the very end. I am convienced that most people leave this realm of life in pain. Some of them in a lot of pain and others not so much. Drugs help some to bypass the agony of a failing organ or damaged body. That is only for the few. Most people are not afforded such a luxury. Pray that you go in your sleep, or suddenly.