Thursday, June 1, 2017

Stop Being a Poser, You Aren't in the Confederate Army

Hypocrisy runs rampant in America. I have a hard time understanding why people don't recognize it when it is right in their face.

I was surfing some Trump Facebook pages and groups to see how that mindset is doing. Sometimes I even join one of those groups for experimental purposes. I joined one a couple weeks ago, and after having lurked for a few days posed a question. I asked "What would you do if the Democrats successfully impeached president Trump?" I chose my words carefully so as to not give an indication of my opinion. There were a lot of comments coming in, but after about 40 comments it was deleted. I also was kicked from the group, and received a message. "You're nothing but a god damn troll, etc. etc. etc...."  Even though I didn't last long there, I did learn something. I believe it is a good thing to know what is going on in the opposition's camp.

Today I was doing the same thing and checking out the Trump Camp.I got to the second Trump group and BAM, hypocrisy right in the face. The group had a recurring character who liked to post video. This was a young man who fit the stereotypical "southern worken man" persona. Behind him was the Stars and Bars. Also on the wall were stick on decals of various types of weapons.

This guy started going on with "Don't come around here trying to tell me what the Confederate flag means to me!" It was pretty much the same old stale canned hash they have been serving up for years. The kind of hash that makes you say "Not again." because you've heard it 1000 times and you can go point by point on why he was wrong on every count.

I scroll down the page a bit only to find one that proves a disconnect. Hypocrisy, if you will. The same young fellow on this next video started ranting and raving about all the Mexican flags he sees every day coming home from work. Of how when these "illegals" get to "our" country they need to respect the flag.

Just exactly which flag is he talking about, the flag of the United States, or the Confederate flag? I know which flag I call my banner.I know which flag I pledge allegiance to, and it sure as hell isn't the Confederate flag. That was 100 years in the past. I have nothing to do with it. I really couldn't care less about if some fellow wants to fly a Mexican flag. At least Mexico still exists as a nation, unlike the Confederacy.

All the people out there who think they have something to prove with a confederate flag have bought into someone else's fight. There were actual folk who really were in the Confederacy. Some of them believed in the Confederacy as much as I do the United States. They weren't being posers 100 odd years after the fact. So give it a rest.

Stop being on the defensive about it. Look here. The Civil War is over. The Confederacy lost the war and surrendered. Stop being a poser, you aren't in the Confederate Army. It looks silly.