Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Use Campaign Finance Law to Punish Russian Colluders

I seen a video segment this morning in which the speaker said there is no law on the books regarding collusion with foreign government officials and US presidential campaigns. Because of that I have been looking through the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR's) and Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules to see if I can find anything to prosecute presidential campaign officials who are proven to have colluded with a foreign government to influence our election.

I am unable to find anything specific. I believe that a law should be crafted that would address this issue. I've included here an article that goes into the Logan Act in an effort to address this problem.

Is collusion with a hostile foreign power to influence a major American election and to subvert our democratic processes a prosecutable crime?

I've got another idea. It is already against the law to accept campaign contributions from foreign nationals. If a US citizen colluded with a foreign national to influence a US election, the foreign national would have to provide something in the way of a service to make the influence happen. I would also say that to influence is to campaign. Therefore the foreign national might use resources to set up a "Troll Farm", and/or to disseminate true or untrue, stolen or unstolen information by way of something like "wikileaks". To do either would cost considerable resources of money, materials and manpower.

IMHO, the money, materials and manpower used by a foreign government who's agent colluded with a US presidential campaign to influence an election would constitute campaign contributions. Clearly a violation of US campaign finance laws.

Would that work as an intern solution or tool to prosecute the traitors who colluded with Russian agents? You don't have to get them for collusion. You can get them for something else. Like Al Capone wasn't thrown into prison for bank robbery or moonshine. They took him down for tax evasion.