Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Federal Agency: Information Vetting Council (IVC)

Our leader Bernie Sanders said "Think Big!" I've been thinking about all the lies being pawned off as truth, and what in the world can we do about it? After a long time of pounding my head, maybe this is an idea that may work. I submit it for your review.
Information Vetting Council (IVC)
I sure am tired of all the lies that get passed off as truth. It disturbs me greatly when I see charts and graphs made by special interests, that bare no resemblance to the truth, or are a misrepresentation of the facts, used in the House of Representatives or the Senate by lawmakers when presenting an argument for passing or not passing a bill. It is unacceptable to the American people that false information, misinformation and doctored figures are used in crafting legislation.

It is unacceptable in our system of 21st Century Democracy that media outlets on a daily basis are allowed to broadcast false information, misinformation and doctored figures to the American people over the publicly owned electromagnetic spectrum or other technological means of media communication. These deceptive practices, done with undeserved 1st Amendment protections, have proven to be dangerous to the ideas and principals of liberty, freedom and equality. False information, misinformation and doctored figures must not have 1st Amendment protections if used in a governmental capacity.

"governmental n.
1. The act or process of governing, especially the control and administration of public policy in a political unit."

The FCC could be used to police the truthfulness of media outlets, but there is nothing policing the truthfulness of politicians except the media. The FCC can not do that under the current climate of big money provided by media outlets with an agenda in politics. The media's only agenda should be unbiased, truthful reporting in an effort to educate the American people so that they may make an informed decision based on factual information.

Because the media and the politicians have proven they can not be trusted to deliver, or to use factual information in their duties, the American people now must force these entities to be truthful. How to do that has confounded me for a long time. That is until now.

We need in our governmental system an information vetting process. If persons must be vetted, the information used to form our laws must be vetted too.

"vet; past tense: vetted; past participle: vetted

make a careful and critical examination of (something).
"proposals for vetting large takeover bids"

investigate (someone) thoroughly, especially in order to ensure that they are suitable for a job requiring secrecy, loyalty, or trustworthiness."

Our nation should have an independent Information Vetting Council (IVC). The council should be made up of experts in the field of science, history, sociology, economics and other pertinent fields. The members of the council must be vetted before they may take seat. The prospective members of the Council shall be chosen by the members of Congress, and can be introduced by either the House or the Senate. The prospective members of the Council shall hold advanced degrees in their fields of expertise. The President shall confirm newly chosen members to the Council.

Any information of any type used in an argument when debating a bill, or information included as text of the Bill first must be vetted by the IVC and given a serialized Seal of Truthfulness. Any information of any type used in an argument by media outlets, or persons using any means of information dispersal first must be vetted by the IVC and given a Seal of Truthfulness. Only after the vetting process by the IVC may any information be used for governmental processes or dissemination to the public for governmental purposes, like to sway votes.

Any Bill that includes information not vetted through the IVC shall be rejected, and sent back to the author for editing.

Any media outlet or other information dispersal organization, including Political Action Committees, infomercials, and political talk shows, and others as yet to be identified, and including any means of information dispersal, who willfully uses information not vetted by the IVC shall lose their broadcast license and the managers found guilty be charged a Felony punishable by a fine of $10,000,000 and imprisonment for not less than 25 years.

This idea may seem rough. It may seem harsh. I can't help it to be any softer because this situation of lying politicians and media has got to the point to where harsh action is called for. The idea of forming an "Independent Information Vetting Council" is what I've come up with to deal with this dangerous, and most serious problem within our civilization.

I invite other points of view, or ideas for modification of this idea of the IIVC.