Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Corruption Must be Eliminated: Human Survival Depends On It

Seeing stuff like Putin's son-in-law getting $1.75 billion in cheap Russian state loans for petrochemical extraction, and knowing how corrupt their actions are, conjures up thoughts of how much Putin and Trump admire each other. Thoughts of the Russian Oligarchy firmly entrenched, and of how our nation is on that path. Things like unbridled fossil fuel extraction, and the burning of trillions of tons of fossil fuels, and of adding more fuel to the fire that has been burning and getting bigger for over a century of industrialization. I start to contemplate the situation at hand, about myself and all of us. What shall we have? How shall we react? 

Putin's son-in-law boosted by $1.75 billion Russian state loan

It must be so very awesome to have control of billions in wealth, and of lives and property. Think of the feelings of pure, raw power. The control over life and death, at your whim and for your own benefit, discretion, amusement or whatever. I say "or whatever" because there are no bounds placed on the actions of humanity when it comes to the acquisition of wealth, or to its protection. The feelings of power might delude one into having thoughts of supremacy over humanity. It causes me to remember stories of the Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman Emperors, and others who pronounced their godhood. It must be so very awesome to weld so much power.

Now the people have spoken as evidenced by the gigantic support of people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other progressives and Democratic Socialist thinkers. The people are seeing with their own eyes the destruction to our environment, and other heinous acts of government officials and industry. All that corruption going on over there in Russia, is mirrored here. The wonderful news is, a lot of people in the United States are waking up and realizing what is going on. Better yet, they seem to be determined to do something about it, come hell or high water. Perhaps we can get some of that mirrored over there.

We have to eliminate the rampant corruption in our society. The corruption is literally killing us. We have no other choice if we are to survive as a species. That elimination of corruption is called for not only in the United States, but also Russia, China and any other corrupt element where ever they may be found, and we should and must promote that elimination of corruption most vigorously. We must not relent, ever. All of their corrupt ways now need to be regarded as primitive and repugnant. The promotion of it criminal, and the penalties for corrupt actions severe. Then our Humanity can advance. I say "our Humanity" for a reason. No person has a right to harm the body of our Humanity. Corruption does exactly that. It harms Humanities very being, so we Humans must eliminate corruption in government and industry, totally and without exception.