Friday, December 18, 2015

Drastic Action Needed to Save our Democracy

Our system of elections and economy is badly broken. Big money and avarice is run rampant and rough shod over our political system. A system that was touted as one in which the commoner has a voice, and power. That voice and power over government has been stolen away from the commoner by wealthy individuals. The wealthy individuals have made their presence and wishes known, and through rulings like Citizens United have effectively hijacked our government. Now we have come to a point where our government no longer serves all citizens, but rather just a few of the wealthiest in our society. So what to do about it?

Our system is in need of basic structural changes. Changes that will be most difficult to implement. Difficult because the wealthy in our society would stand to lose much. I am of the opinion that their loss would only reflect what has been stolen from the people, and thus is not a gain for the people. It is a restoration, or an implementation of economic justice and equality.

These are the changes I believe we must have in order to secure a more equal and just society.
  1. Repeal Citizens United.
  2. Make all political campaigns publicly funded, but allow for restricted private individual donations to political parties.
  3. Require the disclosure of all political campaign money donors, and restrict the amount of maximum donation.
  4. Implement an independent Information Vetting Council (IVC)
  5. Task the FEC with the scheduling of debates for the various political parties.
  6. Cause the C-Span system to host and record political debates.
  7. Allow the various media outlets to air the debates as streamed from the C-Span system, without modification.
  8. Mandate that the media outlets give equal time to all candidates.
  9. Mandate that the media outlets only provide information that has been certified as truth by the IVC when making commentary on political candidates, or airing political ads.
  10. Mandate that the media outlets disclose the source of funding for all political ads.
  11. Cause the Speaker of the House of Representatives to become a non-partisan seat. One in which the holder must disavow any allegiance to any political party, and give that allegiance over to the American people as a whole. Concerning themselves wholly and exclusively to the operation of the House, and the people's business.
  12. Implement term limits on members of Congress not to exceed that set for the President.
  13. Disallow the adding of attachments or riders onto Bills that are not relevant to the subject under consideration.
The way we deal with our economy is badly in need of revision. Our present system is based on scarcity of resources, and a mix of public and private ownership of mineral and energy resources. The public sector of resources being plundered by individuals who use our political system to enact rules that facilitate the plunder. The private sector of resources having to be continually policed to advert and/or contain damage to our environment by socially irresponsible corporations and individuals. With the crisis of anthropogenic climate change upon us, and because of the actions of the private sector in the areas of resources and banking/stocks, I see no other alternative than to take drastic action.
  1. Declare all natural resources of minerals, biological and energy are the property of the people of the United States, and all privately held mineral and energy rights are forever null and void.
  2. Cause the Bureau of Land Management to value all mineral, biological and energy resources, and to charge private interests a proper rate for any resources extracted, and let that charge reflect any clean up costs.
  3. Cause the Bureau of Land Management to use scientific data vetted by the IIVC to determine where, and how much, and for how long extraction of resources may occur in any given local.
  4. Task the Treasury to keep records of the national wealth of resources.
  5. Cause monies collected from the sale of the people's resources to be used for the benefit of the people i.e. the operation of government services, research and development, education etc., etc..
  6. Dissolve all private banks, and the Stock Market.
  7. Cause the Federal Reserve to become truly owned by the people, and given charter to operate a Citizens owned National Bank of the United States.
  8. Implement a new Federal Stock Exchange Market, where all trades of stock must occur.
  9. Put our nation back on a precious metals based monetary system. Implementation of which would be dependent on and require the exploitation of new off world resources. These resources would be helped to be made available by use of monies collected from the extraction of the people's resources.

I think it has been proven that private interests can not be trusted with such critical items like resource management/environmental and economics. They are both to easily given over to avarice. When that avarice occurs our society as a whole is put into danger. This situation is intolerable.

I think all of these things I've mentioned here are badly needed in our governmental/societal system. Leave out any one of them and we have problems. Because we have none of these things we have come to the poor state we find ourselves in today. Our nation is evolving as is our people, and we can not expect our society to run well with the same old archaic rules our ancestors lived by. They had their limits as to knowledge and human experience, and we have ours in the 21st Century. Our knowledge and human experience should be greater with the passing of time. I think what we've learned over and above what our forefathers knew points us in the direction of the actions I've laid out here today.

These are dangerous ideas. These are ideas that the weak of heart or conscious should stay away from. There are people who would do bad things to keep these things from happening, so promote them at your own peril. Do not promote them at our civilizations peril.

All thoughts welcome as they should be in a Democratic Socialist society.