Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Demand "Nothing but the Truth!"

Check out this idea for an Information Vetting Council. Please help to get this to become public. We have to do something about the rampant lying in congress, and media. We have politicians making statements like "I'm not a scientist" and "climate change hoax". Talk show pundits on TV, radio and the internet purposefully telling bald face lies, and being paid to do it! All the while we get sold down the river economically, environmentally and socially. I would love to see someone like Rush Limbaugh get fined $10,000,000 and spend 25 years in prison for the treason of breaking the public trust.
 Information Vetting Council Petition
We have got to be assured that the public has the most credible and reliable information there is! No more allowing the 1st Amendment protection of deceiving the public for fun and profit. Put the clamps down on them, and I mean hard.

One of the things that is absolutely imperative is to overturn the Citizens United ruling. We must get big money out of politics! This effort to get rid of the corruption of lies goes hand in hand with it. That criminal effort to deceive the public is what the money is used for. That's how people like Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Right Wing Nutz deceivers get paid. Well, I expect the truth from broadcast media and politicians so I can make an informed decision on matters so vital to our nation and humanity, and so should you. Sign the petition [HERE]

Seriously, even oil companies have lied about what they know about CO2 and climate change just so they could make a dollar! They are putting everything, me, you, our families, our very future at risk. We can not let them. We mustn't allow our government servants to lie to the ones they serve.

Sign the petition to end deception by the people in government and media. Information Vetting Council.

Bernie Sanders: LISTEN TO THE SCIENCE of Climate Change

Demand "Nothing but the Truth!"