Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Politics is an Ideological Struggle

The politics going on now really is an ideological struggle. That is why I have little tolerance for opinions that don't make a lick of sense. Normally I try once or twice to bring the purveyors of insanity around, then drop them if they don't follow reason.

I know, I know. "What makes me think I have a monopoly on reason?", one might ask. Well, I don't. I just know bull crap when I see or smell it. Some people like to wallow in it. I find them types to be of low intelligence. I find no reason what-so-ever to bandy words with, or debate the insane, and/or stupid people. Why waste my time?

Indeed, there is a lot of work to do to fix the problems our ignorant/greedy/evil/self-centered/whatever ancestors made. There is no time to waste with arguing points of conflict with primitive minds. That would be counterproductive, and I'll not be a party to it. Instead I'll just block any person who spouts off Right-Wing nutz, bull crap. You know, "Talk to the hand!".

Talk to the hand!

Take the climate deniers for instance. They will go on and on saying that the debate over the existence/reality of anthropomorphic climate change is not settled. It is people like that with whom I will not even entertain the idea of debating. The reason being is that the debate over the existence of human caused climate change most certainly is over. If they want to debate a fix, I'm all over it. The "how to fix" part of the recognized problem of global warming is what comes after the "is it real" question is settled. Time to move on.

The debate over the "fix" better not get mired in foot dragging like the "is it real" did. I think it is probable that the prolonged debate over the "is it real" was manufactured just so the fossil fuels industry could have an excuse for doing nothing, and the burn baby burn attitude. Them days have got to come to a close. Time for action.

That's one of the reason I promote the idea of an Information Vetting Council. Maybe it could stop the "I'm not a scientist" liars from purposefully deceiving the public so they can get rich, and everything else be damned. The "I'm not a scientist" liars in Congress know damn good and well that burning trillions of tons of fossil fuels is no good for the environment. They knew it a long time ago, and have been covering it up for profit.

There's some things to debate. How to fix all that mess. I don't think we'll have any shortage of intellectual talking points for a long time to come. Idiots, morons, bigots and other people who have the primitive mind set are not invited into the conversation. They have nothing worth hearing.

Indeed it is censorship too. Get over it.