Saturday, January 2, 2016

Global Warming Conspiracy Theory Gone Wild

Look at what is happening all around us. Giant agribusiness controlling food stocks. Genetically engineered foods are being developed to survive harsher conditions. People used to grow most of their own food, but that is becoming a rare thing. People get their food from just a few sources today. If shipments of food stopped flowing into the major cities, there would quickly be food riots. Chaos would ensue.

Look at our water supplies. They are getting dirtier, and fresh water is becoming ever more rare as the aquifers are drained, and rivers and lakes are polluted. People have been conditioned into a habit of willingly buying bottled water. For some people, that is all they drink. What if the tap was suddenly shut off? Chaos would run rampant in a short time as people become desperate for water.

What if the air, world wide, became so dirty and foul, one could not breath it without filtering out the toxins? The only safe place to breath would be inside artificially made environments. What if the air was all of a sudden cut off? In a short time as the remaining oxygen was used up, people would beg for air. They would agree to anything to get it. Even agree to become a slave.

As I look around me, I see the wheels in motion for just such a scenario to play out. That last thing, the ability to control the air we breath, may be in the works right now. The worse thing is we have been duped into helping the future masters carry out their plans.

I need to explain something now about how wrong I've been. I've told people time and again that our civilization has been based on expansion, and I still believe that. I also told them that we have expanded all we can on Earth, and must move into outer space in order to continue that expansion. That is where I was very wrong. Maybe even deadly wrong. How could we all have missed it? It has been right under all our noses all this time, but we have not considered it. Not until now anyway.

The Arctic, Greenland and the Antarctic are the answers! We have willingly burned much fossil fuel. It is heating up our atmosphere. The Arctic ice sheets are retreating further and getting thinner every year. This melting is happening to the Greenland ice sheet, and the Antarctic ice sheet as well. I've said in the past that the energy companies are glad for this melting to happen, because it means they will at long last be able to tap into those reserves, and those reserves are vast. If you don't believe me just look at this:  'Ice Wars' heating up the Arctic

The recession of the sea ice and the reduction in permafrost -- combined with advances in technology -- have allowed access to oil, mineral and natural gas deposits that were previously trapped in the ice.

The abundance of these valuable resources and the opportunity to exploit them has created a gold rush-like scramble in the high north, with fierce competition to determine which countries have the right to access the riches of the Arctic.

Who are the countries competing for resources? The United States, Canada, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Finland all stake a claim to a portion of the Arctic. These countries make up the Arctic Council, a diplomatic forum designed to mediate disputes on Arctic issues".

If allowed to tap into the vast quantities of oil and natural gas there, it will be burned to produce energy by our ever growing global human population. They would need to do that too. It would help the plan, if there is one. Burning all that fossil fuel would accelerate the global warming process, and help melt the 2 miles thick Antarctic ice sheet faster. Why would they want to do that? Here's why:

The Greatest Energy Deposit in the World - Arctic Methane Hydrates

"A new study out of the University of California Santa Cruz demonstrates that old organic matter in sedimentary basins located beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet may have been converted to methane by microorganisms living under oxygen-deprived conditions.

The study was driven by methane release concerns from global warming with the idea that methane could be released to the atmosphere if the ice sheets shrink and expose the old sedimentary basins. There in lies the opportunity"

"There in lies the opportunity". Those words ring in my mind like a warning shot. Look at our world. Just in the last two centuries our world has changed dramatically The pace of that change is getting ever quicker as our population grows. What will our world look like in the year 2213 if all this harvesting and burning continues unabated?

I truly believe, that in the Antarctic, there are vast quantities of oil, natural gas, coal and other resources that will make what we have already found look like a drop in the bucket. All of it is there and has never been touched by the hand of man. The process of getting to the reserves has already begun. When the ice melts, it will be a free for all.

You may wonder how the process could have begun already with ice still present. Well, take a look at this: 

Russian Scientists Bore Into Ancient Antarctic Lake

"MOSCOW — In the coldest spot on the earth’s coldest continent, Russian scientists have reached a freshwater lake the size of Lake Ontario after spending a decade drilling through more than two miles of solid ice, the scientists said Wednesday."

What if the drilling into the Antarctic ice, and down into the ice covered lakes was not really a search for life as they say? What if it really is a search for oil and gas? What if they are practicing, and developing the technology to extract the oil and gas there under the ice?

The Russians aren't the only ones doing this. The Unites States is hard at it as well, and other countries too! Look at a map of the Antarctic continent. It is already carved up like an apple pie. The ownership of the Arctic reserves is a little more complected because it is all under water. Mark my word, there will be disputes. That is when the wars will start. Something like that has already started in the South China seas, so what would make us believe the Arctic would be any different, or the Antarctic for that matter. Indeed, before all is said and done there will be a blood bath like never seen on the face of this planet.

No matter. That very well could be part of the plan.

I want you to take a look at the pictures I've borrowed here. This is real. This is now. This is what the entire world could be like, but much worse if humanity is allowed to burn all the freshly uncovered reserves. They say in the pre-glacial sedimentary basins of the Antarctic there are about 21 trillion metric tons of organic carbon. I think they are underestimating the true amount.

If humanity burns all that, the surface environment of the entire planet would become so hostile, it would be a wasteland. People would be forced indoors to breath filtered air. All the food we ate would come from genetically manipulated stocks, that would be strictly controlled. Fresh water would be rationed to the bare minimum to survive. Then humanity would be enslaved.

Get out of line, you get your air cut off. Talk of injustice, your water rations get cut in half. Civilization would be numbered in the 10's of billions, and stretch from pole to pole. I could see this happen and be complete in 200 years. Maybe sooner.

Some people say global warming is a myth, like in this paper I found:

What If All the Ice Melts?" Myths and Realities

-"If we keep using cars, the ice caps will melt and we'll all drown!" This is a myth, just as false as fearing the Sun will die as a result of using solar power. However, as often as I hear it--particularly from people who should know better--I thought I would address it here. First, here is a summary of the facts:

-Despite what you may have been told, it has NOT been proven that human-caused global warming is occurring, and in fact there is substantial reason to reject such claims."

I wonder how many of the Inca, when they heard stories of it, and before they met them, thought the Spanish Conquistadors were a myth? I wonder how many of them were enslaved despite them believing it was a myth. How many people thought, and still believe the Holocaust in Germany was a myth? The Spanish of old had no qualms about enslaving an entire race. Nether did the people in the United States in days of old when people were forced from their homes in Africa, brought to North America, and enslaved. Nether did the Nazis when they enslaved and murdered millions in a bid for global domination. What makes us think that there would never again be an attempt to make slaves, or to rule the world? Why should I believe that if there was a way to enslave everybody, that evil people wouldn't attempt it?

What is the saying? "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty". Look at the apathy in our world. The complacency, and total acceptance of the status quo. Eternal vigilance to maintain liberty is only practiced by the few. The rest are so caught up in their daily lives, and selfish ambition, or struggle just for bare subsistence, they are blinded to what is going on around them.

You know what? If I were an Illuminati or whatever, and it was my long range plan to pull off something like this total world domination, that is exactly what I would want people to believe. "There is no such thing as global warming". In fact, if I could keep people arguing about it, little action would happen to stop it. We all would be dupes. We would be willing partners in the enslavement of our progeny. Every time we drove a car, or turned on a light, we become unwitting participants to our own enslavement.

People talk of 9/11 conspiracy theories, and such things like that. That is nothing compared to gaining total power over the entire planet, and all of its inhabitants. That in its self could be yet another deception designed to divert our attention away from the real plot unfolding around us.

This sounds like the plot in a science fiction movie. Some might call it far fetched, or paranoia gone wild. When I look at the world around me and the things being done to my, and your Mother Earth, sometimes I feel like I am living in a science fiction movie already. I look at the history of humanity and how it is a blood soaked history filled with slavery, cruelties and murder, I can't help but to think there are people who might try to pull off a plan like this. A conspiracy of global and total power and control.

This would make the urgency to stop this raping of the environment even more imperative. If we fail to stop the Arctic drilling, and the rest of it, we can look forward to a bleak future for the human race. If we fail, in the year 2213 or 2313 our world will be a world of billions of slaves and a few masters. It will be a wasteland, with scattered mega-cities teaming with 10's of billions. All of them totally dependent on some overlord for everything to survive. All people would then truly be slaves. The un-needed would be thrown away like trash. We must not let something like this happen to our world, and its people.

Hints of life spotted in water sample extracted from hidden Antarctic lake

James E Parks 2/3/2013

I would like to point something out. In this article they say, "The Russian and U.S. teams are drilling into the lakes in hopes of finding evidence of life forms that could have been living in the dark for thousands of years, or even millions of years."
That is only part of the story. They don't tell you the true reason for their quest for life under the ice. They aren't looking for life under the ice in preparation for searching for life on the ice-covered moons of Jupiter and Saturn. They are seeking life because they want to know if there is life under all that ice that could transform organic matter into hydrocarbons like oil, gas, coal and hydrides.

The Antarctic has not been covered with ice from the beginning of time. There was a time millions of years ago, when there were forests, rivers and lakes teaming with life. Now that extinct life has been trapped under the Antarctic ice for countless millennia. Now the powers that be must know if there is energy resources trapped under all that ice. They deduce that if they find life under the ice, they will also find vast quantities of untapped energy resources. Some estimated as high as 22 trillion metric tons of hydrides alone. Personally, I think the number is grossly underestimated.

In all seriousness I doubt the Russians would go to the trouble of drilling a 2 mile deep hole in the ice, just to look for microbes and prepare for some long shot mission to Saturn's moons in the distant future. I do believe they would drill a two mile hole in search for power. They, and we do that all the time.

These guys are already playing a dangerous game of chess over resources in the Arctic. Soon they will be doing the same in the Antarctic. We can't let that happen. Look at our planet after 100 years of burning fossil fuels. Could you imagine the devastation if we release all the carbon trapped in the Arctic and the Antarctic too? What would our world be like then?

Seriously folks, I got a very bad feeling about all this rush for ice bound energy. It doesn't bode well for humanity at all.