Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Oregon Standoff: Armed Protesters, Political Reaction From the Races

I've seen some comments that go something like "If they had of been Black, Hispanic or Muslim, they would of been attacked by armed forces already." Well frankly, I disagree with the whole premise.

The soft hand of the government has nothing to do with the fact they are white people who took over the complex. What it has to do with is the desire for big business like fossil fuels, mining and lumber to get their hands on all that land. The people's land. All of the people's land, including the public lands. Land owned by the citizens who happen to be Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and Muslim and all the others.

 Oregon 'militia' occupation leader: 'We are not threatening anybody' MSNBC

Think about it. Imagine what would happen if the reverse scenario took place. What if some Leftist, Democratic Socialists took over a bunch of oil wells, or mines, and demanded that the government return the ownership of the property and their contents to the United States citizens. There would be an immediate response with armed force to stop the take over as soon as possible. The reason being, now we're messing with corporate America and the bottom line. Can you see it now?

 Armed Protesters In Oregon Vow to Hold Refuge until Demands Are Met MSNBC

So let all of us real Americans stick together against this corporate land grab. This isn't White against Black, or Brown or anything that has to do with race. It is about money. The corporations and crooked politicians just want you to think their soft hand against the traitors has to do with race. They are trying to keep us divided so they can screw us all at the end of the day.

They are laughing at us behind our back. They think we are fools.

All Humans stick together against the Oligarchy/Plutocracy world wide.