Monday, February 16, 2015

ISIS Must be Eliminated

So what's the deal? ISIS cut these guys heads off just because they are Christians? Even an atheist like me thinks this is no way to treat people at all. I wish everyone would abandon religion of every sort, but I don't think people should be killed because they believe in a God.

Maybe the free nations of the world should look at and consider the option of labeling ISIS a sovereign state type of entity. Not to validate them, but rather to declare total war upon them. If our free western nations of the world, worked hand in hand with friendly Arab states, we could do a massive war against these murders like we did against the Nazis. The problem is to much restraint. We have restricted ourselves to much.

We need to wage all out total merciless warfare on these ISIS bastards. That is the only way to fight them. Not some Mercenary army like I've heard some Fox news dumb ass talk about. Not just air strikes either. You have to put american boots on the ground and sweep through an area. Kill every one of the enemy or capture them but do NOT put them with the general prison population. These guys are like a disease. Like some kind of mass psychopathic killing spree that can not be allowed to fester. That is exactly what we have allowed to happen too!

We've allowed it to happen because people do not want to offend the Islamic community. The Islamic community is partially at fault in this. Time and again I have heard Muslims say something like "Well what about the Christian violence way back when" when an atrocity in the name of Mohammed happens. I heard that line when Charlie Hebdo thing happened and other times. So people say stuff like that and the west handles the terrorists with kid gloves trying to placate the Islamist portion of our societies.

Look here! Everyone is in this together. All portions of our societies are in this knee deep. Don't you know the ISIS would kill me for being an atheist, and you for being a Christian, and you for not believing in the same interpretation of Islam? We have to raise up as free peoples of the Earth and fight them down to the last person. It is either us or them. We have to root out them where ever it may be.

No more placating of soft sentiments for the sake of not hurting feelings. If anyone gets hurt feelings because we need to kill everyone of the ISIS scum, then their feelings are misplaced. They need to get over it. Some people on the left are going to say stupid things. Some people on the right are going to say stupid things. The main thing is to let the stupid be like water off a ducks back and to remember the number one goal. The total and complete destruction of ISIS and anyone like them. PERIOD. That is the task.

I'm not just blowing off steam either. I hate the idea of sending even one of our American citizens back into that hell hole. So when they go, and they will have to go, I want them to kill every one of them black flag carrying sons of bitches as they can. I want our nation to give them and our allies total commitment to the eradication of ISIS, no matter where they may rear their grotesque heads. We simply can not allow such an entity to exist. Not on this world or any other world that may come.