Friday, March 6, 2015

A Little About my Trip From Muncie to Portland 2015

I'm a real happy camper now that I've moved to Portland. Things are more kicked back and not so darn authoritarian. I can even get chickens here no problem from an over intrusive town counsel.

I started out early that morning piling everything into my car. I left some old furniture that I didn't want to haul across the continent. Maybe someone else will get some use from it. One of the items was an old 36" tube type, TV. It was way to heavy to lug across the nation. The thing had a really good picture, but alas it was obsolete.

After that I claimed into the car, and off I went. One and a half miles later I found myself sitting on the side of the road with an over heated engine. The temp gauge was pegged out. That morning was an especially cold one with temperatures reaching -5 degrees. I was hoping I hadn't cracked my block right at the start of my trip.

I had a theory working as to what was happening. I think that even though I had antifreeze in the engine, a slush had formed. Then all them ice crystals blocked up important cooling ports. As I sat, I started the engine and let it run until it began to over heat, at which point I turned off the engine. After doing that a few times I took note that the temp gauge was going down, instead of back up. I had not filled up so I went ahead and drove to the pumps to refuel.

After that first little fright, everything went perfect. I really wanted to stop in Colorado for a mid trip treat. I passed it up anyway though. The weather there was bad. After Cheyenne, there was snow and ice all the way across Wyoming. The roads were passable. Only once did it go down to one lane, and 35 mph. Once Utah got within sight, things started clearing up.

I also got a feel for going 80 mph for long distances. That was the speed limit for some time. I think the 80 mph was a big factor in it only taking two and a half days to  get there. Also I wanted to get the trip over with. I was darn tired of freezing my butt off. Week after week of sub-freezing weather was about enough for this Florida boy. To bad Florida is so red. They talk about putting medicinal marijuana on the ballot, but it hasn't passed yet. Give it time and it will.

Now that I'm in my new digs, I'm very happy. I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life. Spring's around the corner, so it is time to get it into gear and do some exploring. I've read that Oregon has gold, gemstones, fossils and other items of interest to an old rock hound like me. It will be fun to visit the marijuana stores when it becomes legal here on July 1st. I think I'll go ahead and get a medicinal marijuana card. I hear you can grow more plants at a time.

Let the good times roll. Pun intended. In a little over 3 months we will be able to breath free again in Oregon. As for me, I'm going to roll one and kick back. Here is a movie I made of the trip. I need to get a bigger memory card.