Thursday, October 23, 2014

Question About Cannabis Answered

One of my friends asked me an important question regarding cannabis. I think it is important to answer these questions, and try to stay with only the facts. After all, the government has been lying about it for many years. You know the old saying. "If you tell a lie enough times, people will start to believe it". Now we are stuck with 50% of our nation still believing in these untruths. Time to get out the facts. Actually time is long past due.

"I heard decades ago that if a person smoked pot, they are likely to turn to the harder drugs??? true or false, I have no idea."
False in general. If a person is buying marijuana from the black market, they would be more exposed to drugs like heroin, or meth. In that setting, they may be more at risk due to availability. My first drug used was tobacco, and then alcohol. That was due to the fact that I was a 5 year old child who watched adults using those drugs on a daily basis. The notion of marijuana being a "gateway drug" is a misguided fabrication, crafted by Harry Anslinger, and his crew, in a racists bit to outlaw cannabis. I was just now reading his testimony to congress in 1938. He mentions the use of marijuana being used as a defense for a few murders. I believe the lawyers were using it as a tactic in an insanity defense. Or in other words as a scapegoat. Mr. Anslinger incorrectly used these bogus murder defense tactic as reason to criminalize cannabis use. I say that due to one simple observation. Cannabis has been legal in Colorado for quite some time now. The use of cannabis for medicinal reasons has been legal in several states for even longer. If all the horror stories of cannabis turning otherwise sane people into insane murderers were true, we would have a rash of murders and other crimes in the states where cannabis has become legal. Instead there is evidence of exactly the opposite happening. For instance, in Colorado it was reported that there was a 10% reduction in crime after the full legalization of cannabis.
Thank you for your question. I invite all concerned persons to research this topic with an open mind. Don't be subject to propaganda. Only seek and use the facts in this matter.