Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shocking Attack on One Person by Gang

I hate seeing things like this happen. We Americans of every race and creed need to stick together more than ever now. There are creeps outside our homeland that wish to destroy us all. I think you know who I mean. People like the disgusting ISIS murderers. they would just as soon murder you and sell your sister or mother into slavery than look at you. I'm talking to you. I'll stand side by side with any of that mob if they want to fight the traitors to humanity. I just read a tweet that said ISIS plans to hit us from our southern border. They would love it to hit at a time when we are fighting each other. Lets stop all that fighting between ourselves and pay attention to the real threats to us, together. One Earth, One People. We are Americans. The most powerful of all Nations. Lets act like it.

Gang Fighting / Beating One Person, SHOCKING!