Friday, September 5, 2014

Islamic State massacre survivor who faked death speaks about harrowing escape

WARNING: This video has scenes of brutal murder. Watch at your own risk.

I am amazed that he made it out of the arms of death. Gaze at the line of hundreds of Iraqi who were marched to their death by a bullet to the head. This is the face of evil in our world.

These same murderers have vowed to bring their terror to our shores and raise their despicable black flag over our White House. In essence, they have declared war on us. If they want war, so be it.

I don't know about you, but I want our free people to crush these bastards with unrelenting, and overwhelming force. We, along with our allies of all faiths and cultures must stand firm against this type of terror, and eliminate it from our world. No matter where it manifests itself, be it Africa, North Korea, the Middle-East, or any other place on our planet, we free people must crush it mercilessly, and without pitty.

It is our duty to Humanity as the most powerful of nations to take the lead in this endeavor. Then all of us, Americans, Iraqi, Jordanian, Iranian, Saudi Arabian, Christian, Muslim and all of the other people I haven't mentioned who urn to live free must work together to wipe the ISIS trash from our world. It is required.

The video can be found here.