Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Islamic State Demands Millions in Ransom for Life of 26-Year-Old American Woman: Report

They know damn good and well the United States will not pay a ransom to any dirty, filthy terrorists such as is the Islamic State.

Islamic State Demands Millions in Ransom for Life of 26-Year-Old American Woman: Report

I want my nation, The United States, and all others to attack them without regards for any international borders of Syria, and without mercy. Sorry if any civilians get hurt in the process. We certainly do not want that, but it is something that has to be done anyway. In the end there will be many more saved than hurt by the extermination of the heathen, barbaric sons of dogs and pigs named ISIS or whatever. That goes for Boko Haram too!

In the end all of you sons-of -bitches will die. The sooner the better. There is no virgins waiting for them on the other side of death. Only oblivion is their lot, and that's what we'll give them.

I hope our President and Congress work together to cleans your slimy, insane kind from our world. I give you the bottom of my shoe, and left hand. They aren't with God, or moon god. How freaking ridiculous. They are pagans, who believe in child abuse, and torturing innocents.

They piss me off for several reasons. This kind of crap is only one of them. One reason may seem selfish, but it is still there in me. Our president was doing all he could to bring our warriors home at long last. I was looking forward to a time of relative peace. A time of maybe getting off this rock, and expanding our civilization to other worlds. A time of prosperity for all, but no! These mother <expletive> have to go and screw it all up. They, by their heinous actions and threats to our people, have to <expletive> up everything, and for what? Because one person wants to place himself above all others around him. For a myth, a rumor, a vapor. 

They have caused hate to arise in me. That hate I never wanted to see, but can hardly help. It is very hard to not hate them. I have always tried to see things people do as being caused by their happiness, or pain. I've tried to believe that if a person does something wrong on purpose, there must be some defect in their mind that caused them to do it. To look at it the same as I would a disease, or malfunction. Then I could have pity for even the evil doers. But they have even taken that away from me. So, my hatred of them runs very deep. That hate is another pain in my being.

The Islamic State is not lasting. I use your flag to wipe my ass.